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14 Dec 2023

Educating Data Protection, BCA Launches Educational Video “Don’t Know? Kasih No!”

Jakarta, 8 December 2023 - Personal data remains a target by irresponsible parties who are taking advantage that costs the society. As part of its commitment to enhance public education and awareness regarding data security and cybercrime prevention, PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) launched "Don't Know? Kasih No!" movement, that encourages people to be vigilant and firm in rejecting any information that is unclear the source or credibility. Featuring the renowned Indonesian comedy legend, Indro Warkop, and directed by Ica Lawendatu, the educational video “Don't Know? Kasih No!” is available to watch starting from 8 December 2023 on the Solusi BCA YouTube channel.

BCA Director Santoso explained, “The educational video, ‘Don't Know? Kasih No!’, is part of BCA movement, highlighting the significance of being vigilant in safeguarding personal data security. This movement is our response to the increasing cases of crimes involving data theft and the spread of viruses via unofficial applications. With Indro Warkop as the main actor, we aim to present an educational video that not only entertains but is also easily understood by the public. Our hope is that it enhances their awareness to reject anything unclear in its source or credibility, thereby protecting themselves from various cyber threats.”

The educational video “Don't Know? Kasih No!” encourages the public to embrace a mindset of slow down & rethink, a cautious and critically thoughtful attitude when confronted with fraudulent situations. This short educational video uses an analogy to illustrate the various methods through which fraud can steal personal data. It also emphasizes how individuals can safeguard themselves from fraud and data theft by actively participating in the “Don't Know? Kasih No!” movement.

“We, at BCA, are committed to continuously educating the public about the various modes of fraud that are becoming increasingly pervasive nowadays. For this reason, we are proud that each of our educational initiatives has received positive support from many stakeholders. I want to express my gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of the ‘Don't Know? Kasih No!’ movement, particularly Indro Warkop, Flock, BAM Pictures, the supporting actresses and actors, and the entire crew. Their time and energy in creating this entertaining and educational video are highly appreciated. We hope that people will not only entertained but also gain valuable insights for navigating the cyber world in their lives,” Santoso concluded.

Previously, as part of BCA’s dedication to educating customers about security, the bank introduced the video series "Nurut Apa Kata Mama" in collaboration with Imajinari, Film Producer Ernest Prakasa, and Film Director Muhadkly Acho as a strategic initiative to deliver educational messages. BCA also reinforces its commitment by launching the "Tolak dengan Anggun" campaign.

“Don't Know? Kasih NO!”: BCA's Comedy-Wrapped Educational Video with Indro Warkop - BCA Director Santoso (left) with actor Indro Warkop (right) during the press conference for BCA’s educational video “Don't Know? Kasih NO!” at CGV Grand Indonesia, on Thursday (7/12). This comedic educational video encourages people to embrace a “slow down and rethink” attitude, emphasizing the importance of avoiding haste and promoting critical thinking when dealing with fraud modes. This educational video can be watched starting from 8 December 2023 on the Solusi BCA YouTube channel.

BCA Encourages Public to Safeguard Data Security Through Educational Video “Don't Know? Kasih No!” - BCA Director Santoso (third left), BCA EVP of Transaction Banking Business Development I Ketut Alam Wangsawijaya (right), BCA SVP of Marketing Communication Norisa Saifuddin (third right), Actor Indro Warkop (center), together with Director Ica Lawendatu (second right) and CEO of Creative Agency Flock Leonard Wiguna (second left) participated in the Press Conference for the Launch of BCA’s Educational Video "Don't Know? Kasih No!". Through this educational video, BCA encourages the public to make informed decisions and steadfastly reject any information that is unclear the source or credibility.


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