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BCA's Commitment to Sustainability

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Achieving Sustainable Development Goals

For BCA, sustainability is a part of the bank’s commitment to create a better future for all stakeholders. BCA’s efforts to achieve it are through implementation of Sustainable Finance and support for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To achieve sustainability value that aligns with SDGs, BCA manages ESG aspects, increases engagement and customer value, and implements good corporate governance.

Sustainable Development Goals Priority

BCA also continues to maximize its efforts to support the Sustainable Development Goals while continuing to provide support for the other 7 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

BCA’s Support for Other Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

BCA also continues to maximize its efforts to support the Sustainable Development Goals while continuing to provide support for the other 7 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Sustainability Highlight 2022

Economic Performance

IDR 183.2

trillion (↑14.9% YoY)

Total Sustainable Financing Portfolio

IDR 102.3

trillion (↑16.0% YoY)

Total Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) Financing :

IDR 478

billion (↑131.6% YoY)

Total People’s Business Loans (KUR) Disbursement

IDR 87.5

trillion (↑11.5% YoY)

Operational Income

IDR 40.7

trillion (↑31.2% YoY)

Net Profit :

Environmental Aspect

142.720 tCO2

Carbon Emission Generated :

1,995.8 tCO2

(+2,25X YoY)

Estimated Carbon Emission Reduction

518.1 tons

(+40.7 YoY)

Waste Management & Recycling Initiative

50.6 Ha

planting areas

24,631 trees

Trees Planted

139 kWh/m2/year

(efficient category) (↓12.6% YoY)

Electricity Intensity

Social Aspect


Composition of Female Managers from Total Managers


Customer Engagement Index (scale 5)

155,769 people

Financial Literacy Education Participants


Customer Complaints Settlement Rate :

IDR 143.1


Social Responsibility Activity Fund Realization

Sustainability Governance Framework

Responsible Banking Sustainability Culture Social Value Creation

Responsible Banking

This pillar covers the key material topics for the Bank to conduct responsible business and support sustainable development goals achievement.

Sustainability Culture

This pillar covers the implementation of sustainability values and responsible operational activities.

Social Value Creation

This pillar covers community engagement and empowerment programs through Bakti BCA Program.

Sustainability Governance

BCA's sustainability strategy is in line with Sustainable Finance practices and is integrated with the corporate strategy. BCA's sustainability strategy emphasizes on:

  • Provision of financing for sustainable business activities
  • Improving internal capacity
  • Adjusting the organization structure, risk management, corporate governance, and/or standard operating procedures

The implementation of sustainability aspects management is part of the responsibility of all work units and is overseen by the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Directors. To ensure sustainability governance implementation, and oversee the implementation of Sustainable Finance, BCA has a specific work unit which is the Environment Sustainability Governance (ESG) Sub-Division. BCA Sustainability performance is delivered periodically to Corporate Planning & Finance Director and President Director.

Stipulated Key Performance Indicator (KPI) related to sustainability in working units, and collective KPI for all Board of Directors to support ESG implementation aligns with OJK roadmap.