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24 Jun 2023

Satisfy the Cravings for Traditional Cuisine, BCA Offers 30% Cashback for Pasar Kangen Visitors

Surakarta, June 24 2023 – Fulfilling your yearning has never been easier than at Pasar Kangen, held at Pamedan Pura Mangkunegaran in Surakarta, popularly known as Solo, in Central Java. PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) is offering its support by providing a 30% cashback, further enhancing the enthusiasm of visitors as they indulge in their cravings for authentic Indonesian cuisine.

Pasar Kangen is known as Yogyakarta’s annual event that has been held since 2007. The event offers a delightful blend of traditions, culinary delights, arts, and creativity, all presented in a charming nostalgic ambiance. This year, for the first time, Pasar Kangen extends its reach to Solo, featuring the participation of around 60 micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) from Solo and its surrounding areas. BCA enthusiastically embraces this occasion by offering enticing promotions to Pasar Kangen visitors.

Pasar Kangen founder-slash-Chairman Jogja Ong Hari Wahyu shared that Pasar Among was among the efforts to promote food security. Ong added, “Food security is the underlying spirit of Pasar Kangen. With many foreign cuisines entering the country, we have the obligation to preserve local food and traditions as culinary heritage is part of the culture; it’s not merely food. We have to safeguard our culinary heritage so that the younger generation will understand and appreciate our unique cuisine."

To enhance the excitement of the Pasar Kangen event, taking place from June 23rd to 25th, 2023, BCA prepared an enticing treat for visitors: a cashback offer of up to 30% for the first 1,500 transactions. This promotion applied to transactions made using QRIS through myBCA, BCA mobile, and Sakuku applications. Visitors can simply present their transaction proof at the BCA booth to receive a cashback of up to Rp15,000, with a minimum transaction of Rp50,000. For more detailed information about Pasar Kangen, please visit

Hera F. Haryn, BCA EVP of Corporate Communication & Social Responsibility, explained that the promotion was among the company's concrete efforts to support the preservation of Indonesia's rich cultural heritage. "Indonesia possesses a plethora of cultural products, inspiring BCA to actively promote traditional cuisine to a wider audience, including through participating in Pasar Kangen efforts. However, BCA is not only offering attractive promotions but the company also plays an active role in mentoring MSMEs to foster business growth," Hera emphasized.

BCA’s Support to MSME Participants of Pasar Kangen

As a national bank, there are various ways to support MSMEs. Among the efforts is by offering mentorship to MSMEs to equip them with the necessary knowledge and access to conduct their business. The mentored participants and tenants participating at Pasar Kangen had expressed their genuine gratitude for the guidance provided by BCA.

Albert Suproyogi, the owner of the MSME drink brand Agung Ngoro, which participated in the Bangga Lokal Program and Pasar Kangen, mentioned that the support provided by BCA went beyond immediate capital provision. "Trust is the biggest impact that I gained from the support provided by BCA. When I met agents or wholesalers, they sometimes felt reluctant to do business with a small enterprise like ours. However, they can check our brand on the BCA website. Moreover, offline events like Pasar Kangen also helped us gain greater exposure. It has been an invaluable experience for us.”

Wayang Wukirsari Tourism Village Management Chairman Demy Raharja also shared a similar opinion.Demy mentioned, “BCA's presence in supporting the progress of Wayang Wukirsari Tourism Village is manifested in various forms. It includes promotional activities like what we were doing at Pasar Kangen, training in guest service, digital marketing, leadership, and team building. Previously, we could only sell wayang (traditional puppets) to guests, but now we can also offer them homestay services and 25 tour packages.”

Out of approximately 60 participants in Pasar Kangen at Pademan Pura Mangkunegaran, there were about 5 MSMEs that participated in Bangga Lokal mentorship program and Bakti BCA, including Kampung Batik Gemar Sumilir, Wisata Wayang Desa Wukirsari, Agung Ngoro, Kopi Sirap/Doesoen Kopi Sirap, and Sosis Solo Pojok Beteng. The Pasar Kangen event was part of the 'Satu dalam Cita' event, a series of activities that featured performances, exhibitions and workshops. 


Tentang PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (per 31 Maret 2023)

BCA merupakan salah satu bank terkemuka di Indonesia yang fokus pada bisnis perbankan transaksi serta menyediakan fasilitas kredit dan solusi keuangan bagi segmen korporasi, komersial, UKM, dan konsumer. Pada akhir Maret 2023, BCA melayani lebih dari 36 juta rekening nasabah dan memproses sekitar 77 juta transaksi setiap harinya, didukung oleh 1.247 kantor cabang, 18.348 ATM, serta layanan internet & mobile banking dan contact center Halo BCA yang dapat diakses 24 jam. Kehadiran BCA didukung oleh sejumlah entitas anak yang berfokus pada pembiayaan kendaraan, perbankan Syariah, sekuritas, asuransi umum dan jiwa, perbankan digital, pengiriman uang, dan pemodal ventura. BCA berkomitmen untuk membangun relasi jangka panjang dengan nasabah, mengutamakan kepentingan bersama, dan menciptakan dampak positif pada masyarakat luas. Dengan sekitar 25.000 karyawan, visi BCA adalah untuk menjadi bank pilihan utama andalan masyarakat yang berperan sebagai pilar penting perekonomian Indonesia.


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