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27 May 2021

BCA Invites Indonesian Youth Improving Self Quality Through Education

Jakarta, May 27, 2021 – PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) invites young generation of Indonesia to improve their quality through education so that they are able to face challenges in the midst of the digitalization era. The presence of Indonesian youth is also very much needed in the banking world, considering that this generation can be a bridge for the presence of banking to become more relevant according to today's needs and lifestyle.

On the other hand, BCA's concern for the world of education is also targeted students who need financial aid for their education. The support for education sustainability for these outstanding students is important so that the Indonesian youth can continue to produce quality human resources and have advanced characters in the business world and for Indonesia Advances.

BCA's encouragement and concern was the discussion topic in the virtual talk show "Lihat Dari Rumah" (LDR) which presented Miss Grand Indonesia 2018 Nadia Purwoko, Head of Business Development for Ambon Branch Yusuf Effendi who is also one of the recipients of the 15th PPA BCA Scholarship, and Scholarship Awardee of Bakti BCA 2019/2020 from Padjadjaran University Aulia M Noor as the guest speakers.

The LDR virtual talk show was broadcast on Instagram @goodlifebca channel, SolusiBCA YouTube, GoodLife BCA Facebook, Twitter @GoodLifeBCA at 19.00, Thursday (5/27/2021).

Inge said that the scholarship is a form of BCA's concern education in Indonesia by providing equal opportunities to the best graduates of SMA/SMK (High School/Vocational High School) and equivalent, and also outstanding college students in achieving quality and characters in education for a better future. This opportunity is also part of BCA's continuous regeneration to invite outstanding young generation of Indonesia to enter the banking industry.

“BCA of course, has to adapt to today's needs and lifestyles, one of them is by continuously opening up to the best graduates and outstanding young generation to work at BCA. Through PPBP (Business and Banking Education Program), we invite Indonesian youth to make their dreams come true to work in the banking industry, and continuously obtain education to continue the baton of leadership in the banking industry," he said.

BCA supports SMA/SMK graduates through Accounting Education Program (PPA) and Informatics Engineering Education Program (PPTI). Since 1996, BCA has provided a non-degree Accounting Education Program (PPA) to provide 30 months of accounting course. After completing their education, they have the opportunity to continue their education to the undergraduate level and have the opportunity to work at BCA. Until last year, PPA have graduated 1,617 students. In 2020, there are 129 PPA graduates and there are still nine batches who are currently taking the program. Currently, PPA program has been transformed into the Business and Banking Education Program (PPBP).

The non-degree Informatics Engineering Education Program (PPTI) is eligible for outstanding high school, vocational high school, or equivalent school graduates who are interested in improving their abilities in the field of informatics engineering. Non-degree PPTI is carried out for 30 months by implementing a single-elimination system with a relatively high graduation standard. From the beginning of the program implementation until 2020, there are 10 batches and have graduated 153 alumni. By the end of 2020, there are 172 non-degree PPTI students taking the program.

In addition, BCA also provides Bakti BCA Scholarship. Since the 1990s, partnered with 18 universities in Indonesia, BCA has implemented Bakti BCA Scholarship program for outstanding Undergraduate (S-1) students who need financial support. In addition to fund the tuition and living expenses, BCA provides self-development programs including leadership training, self-awareness, creative thinking, and financial planning for millennials. For the academic year 2020-2021, Bakti BCA Scholarships are awarded to 790 students from 18 state universities with a total aid of IDR 5.45 billion.

Inge said that the company hopes that Bakti BCA scholarship awardees can develop their potential to achieve optimal performance and prepare themselves to enter business world. Some of the outstanding graduates from Bakti BCA Scholarship program have achieved different career paths at BCA. "The presence of these young generation is an integrative effort made by BCA to always be adaptive and relevant to today's needs and lifestyles," Inge said.

BCA Holds LDR ‘Lihat Dari Rumah’ Scholarship by BCA Webinar – BCA's concern for education world targets students who need financial support for their education. To challenge college students to enter business world, BCA also holds a webinar that provides insight about BCA scholarship that was attended by awardees of the 15th batch of PPA BCA Scholarship, and 2019/2020 Bakti BCA Scholarship Awardees from Padjadjaran University Aulia M Noor (right). Aulia shared her story of receiving BCA scholarship that has become her ammunition to build her career.


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