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Social Value Creation

Community engagement and empowerment programs

Growing together with the communities is BCA’s hope, as well as stay by the side of all stakeholders to deliver valuable work and creating shared value. Therefore, BCA is committed to continuously engaging and empowering communities through Bakti BCA Program.

A. Community Empowerment

To enhance the economic growth of Bakti BCA's fostered tourist villages, Bakti BCA collaborates with third parties in the digitalization of Bakti BCA's assisted villages program, resulting in the establishment of online shops since 2020, including Wirawisata Goa Pindul, Desa Wisata Pentingsari, Wisata Wayang Desa Wukirsari, Desa Wisata Tamansari, Doesoen Kopi Sirap, Kampung Batik Gemah Sumilir, Bukit Peramun, Wisata Aik Rusa Berehun, Kampung Adat Sijunjung, and Nagari Silokek.

BCA has 14 assisted tourism villages and also trusted by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) to assist 12 BCA Partner Villages to transform into new leading tourist destinations.

Bakti BCA also assists micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) outside Bakti BCA's fostered villages through financial management and business development strategy training and introducing the marketplace to MSMEs in West Belitung, East Belitung, and West Nusa Tenggara.

B. Quality Education

In supporting higher quality education in Indonesia that can be accessible to all students in the country, BCA has held several education and scholarship programs for high-achieving students in the country through the Bakti BCA Scholarship Program, Business & Banking Education Program (PPBP), Information Technology Education Program (PPTI), and BCA assisted schools.

C. Financial Literacy & Inclusion

BCA carries out a smart solution program that aims to spread the culture of saving and managing finances early on, with coverage reaching areas in Indonesia that are considered unbankable. This program is implemented in collaboration with educational institutions to introduce communities to banking products and services.

D. Preservation of Indonesian Arts, Culture & Traditions

BCA’s commitment to preserve Indonesian arts, culture, and traditions has been carried out since 2019. The program includes competitions, appreciation/awards for art publications, and more. In carrying out the preservation of Indonesian arts, culture, and traditions, BCA directly involves the younger generation and utilizes digital platforms to optimize the results. BCA engages the younger generation to actively participate in the preservation process by adapting to the current language variety, adopting the mindset of the younger generation, and involving influencers. This preservation program covers many regions in Indonesia. One of the cultural preservation efforts undertaken by BCA is the preservation of wayang art.

E. Health and Community Welfare

One of BCA's concerns for the community is providing health services facilities, including cataract surgeries, Bakti BCA blood donation, free medical treatment, health education, accelerated stunting reduction program, and COVID-19 vaccination programs.

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