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01 May 2024

BCA Holds Appreciation Day for 17 Bakti BCA Schools Rated Above National Average

Jakarta, 1 May 2024 – PT Central Bank Asia Tbk (BCA) announced that as many as 17 BCA Bakti Schools have been declared ready to advance to the next level and have proven to improve their quality.. To celebrate the improvement of these schools, BCA held a series of BCA Bakti School Appreciation Day events carrying the theme Building Better Future: Nurturing Dreams, Growing Leaders at BCA Learning Institute (BLI), Sentul, late April. The highlight of the event was the presentation of awards to these schools for their rapid development and readiness to face various educational challenges in the future.

Based on Bakti BCA’s assessment, based on the indicators of the National Assessment, the 17 Bakti BCA Schools have achieved above the national average in terms of literacy, numeracy, character, and quality of learning. The 17 Bakti BCA schools are spread across various regions, namelyPringsewu (Lampung), Serang (Banten), and Gunungkidul. (Yogyakarta).

BCA Director Antonius Widodo Mulyono said, “BCA is committed to continuously supporting education development in Indonesia through the Bakti BCA School program which has been running since 2000. The success of 17 Bakti Schools in advancing to the next level and improving their quality motivates us to always maintain the continuity of the Bakti BCA School program, in line with the company's efforts to achieve the goal of sustainable development in the field of education quality in order to strengthen the competitiveness of Indonesia’s human resources.”

Through the Bakti BCA School program, the Company provides guidance and training to the teachers and staff of the partner schools so that they can conduct their teaching effectively and use the curriculum and adaptive materials. Training is carried out through transformational leadership guidance to the school management, and dissemination of the sharing of good practices (knowledge sharing) to fellow teachers in the respective areas of the school.

Improving the quality of teachers and staff is one of the most important things to do to build powerful individuals. In 2023, BCA conducted training for more than 275 school principals aimed at developing innovative leadership skills and strengthening the capacity of the school principals In addition, BCA has conducted Learning Innovation training for 65 teachers and 15 school management personnel to enhance their ability to create a more interactive and creative learning environment.

By 2023, BCA had accompanied 20 Bakti Schools in the elementary, junior high school, and senior high school levels. In 2024, the Company will focus on nurturing 7 Bakti BCA Schools that require special development in regions of Bengkulu, IKN, Kupang, and Papua, especially for elementary and high school levels; as well as Banyuwangi for elementary, junior high school, and senior high school levels.

“Bakti BCA School is one of the concrete steps the Company takes to make a positive impact on the nation. This program is aligned with the Bakti BCA’s objective to build resourceful individuals who can empower their communities. Empowered communities are expected to contribute positively to ecosystem sustainability, leading to the creation of interconnected and sustainable cycles of change,” EVP Corporate Communications & Social Responsibility BCA Hera F. Haryn.

Below is the list of the 17 Bakti BCA Schools that have successfully achieved above-average assessments inthe National Assessment Average and receivedappreciation:

  1. SDN 1 Gadingrejo
  2. SDN 1 Taktakan
  3. SDN 2 Taktakan
  4. SDN Ponjong 1
  5. SDN Ponjong 2
  6. SDN Candibaru 2
  7. SDN Banyubening 1
  8. SDN Kwangen
  9. SDN 3 Semanu
  10. SMPN 1 Gadingrejo
  11. SMPN 6 Serang
  12. SMPN 1 Karangmojo
  13. SMPN 1 Ponjong
  14. SMPN 1 Semanu
  15. SMAN 1 Gadingrejo
  16. SMAN 3 Serang
  17. SMAN 1 Karangmojo

The Bakti BCA School is one of the Bakti BCA programs in the field of education. In addition to nurturing educational institutions to improve their quality, BCA, through Bakti Pendidikan, has been regularly providing scholarships and training to outstanding students in Indonesia since 1999. Bakti BCA has recorded over 7,000 students in the BCA Scholarship Program for undergraduate studies since 2009.

BCA has a range of programs to improve the quality of life and sustainable development of society. The implementation of various Bakti BCA programs is carried out in collaboration with stakeholders. Read more information about Bakti BCA here:

BCA Supports Quality Education through BCA Bakti School Program – Director of PT Central Bank Asia Tbk (BCA), Antonius Widodo Mulyono during a night appreciation event at BCA Learning Institute, Thursday (25/4). Antonius Widodo said that the Bakti BCA Schools have supported educational development in Indonesia since 2000. Through the Bakti BCA School, the company provides training to teachers and school staff to improve the quality of education. As of 2023, BCA has supported 20 Bakti Schools from elementary up to high school levels,spread across various regions.

Achieving High Standards, 17 Bakti BCA Schools Demonstrate Outstanding Achievement – Director of BCA Antonius Widodo Mulyono (back, fourth from the left), EVPCorporate Communications & Social Responsibility BCA Hera F. Haryn (back, fifth from the left), and representatives of the 17 Bakti BCA Schools pose during the Appreciation Day Ceremony held at BCA Learning Institute (BLI), Jakarta, Thursday (25/4). With the theme “Building Better Future: Nurturing Dreams, Growing Leaders”, the event BCA’s appreciation event for 17 BCA Bakti Schools that have achieved above the National Assessment average score. The assessment is based on literacy, numeracy, character, and quality of learning aspects.


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