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08 May 2024

The Presence of Vice President Director of BCA Armand W. Hartono and Nicholas Saputra at “BCA Berbagi Ilmu” at UNDIP, Enthusiastically Welcomed by Students

Semarang, 8 May 2024 - In commemoration of National Education Day, the 'BCA Berbagi Ilmu' program is conducted in several cities in Indonesia, including Semarang. Now, it's time for students from University of Diponegoro University (UNDIP) to have the opportunity to gain knowledge from a public lecture entitled 'Survival Leadership, Facing Uncertainties,' which was delivered directly by Vice President Director of BCA Armand W. Hartono.

More than 700 UNDIP students participated in the public lecture held at Prof. Sudarto, SH Building, Diponegoro University, on Tuesday (7/5). This public lecture was also complemented by an inspirational talk show featuring Nicholas Saputra as the Bakti BCA Ambassador.

“BCA Berbagi Ilmu” program is one of Bakti BCA's flagship programs under the Education Pillar to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of Quality Education, as well as to preparing a quality and competitive young generation to face the peak of the demographic bonus in the upcoming 2030.

Vice President Director of BCA Armand W. Hartono stated, "The key to dealing with change lies in survivability, which is our ability to adapt amidst changes. To be a leader, we must be responsive to adapt in this dynamic modern era. One of the ways BCA achieves this is by listening to various feedback from customers, which drives us to continuously innovate to meet their needs.”

In a rapidly changing world, students are faced with complex challenges more than just completing academic tasks. They also need to prepare themselves for the dynamic work environment. Amidst these challenges, Vice President Director of BCA Armand W. Hartono and Bakti BCA Ambassador Nicholas Saputra explain the importance of having leadership qualities as a solid foundation to survive through changes.

In the talk show session, Bakti BCA Ambassador Nicholas Saputra emphasized that leadership along with creativity can grow from the toughest times, as has happened in the film industry. "One of the most important things is resilience. I feel resilience when we work, when we desire something, it becomes the key because life is long, careers are long, even though sometimes we also have to learn to sprint. Another important thing is education. In the midst of filming, I also studied architecture. I believe education can be obtained from anywhere, both formally and informally. All of it is necessary in cultivating leadership within ourselves," explained Nicholas.

Previously, “BCA Berbagi Ilmu” program was launched on May 3rd at BINUS University, Jakarta. Besides BINUS University and UNDIP, other BCA directors will also deliver various topics related to technology, financial industry, and banking at several universities, including Bandung Institute of Technology in Bandung, Sriwijaya University in Palembang, and Udayana University in Bali. Additionally, “BCA Berbagi Ilmu” program will conduct Student Banking Tour activity, which will invite a number of high school students to deepen their understanding of banking and financial literacy while visiting BCA branch offices. There will also be empowerment activities for people with disabilities.

In 2023, the series of public lectures “BCA Berbagi Ilmu” was held at 5 universities in Indonesia, and attended by more than 3,000 students. Meanwhile, Student Banking Tour activity was attended by over 900 students from 18 schools. Lastly, for people with disabilities, around 30 individuals were empowered through skill training, art bazaars, and tours to BCA branch offices.

EVP Corporate Communications & Social Responsibility of BCA, Hera F. Haryn stated, “BCA Berbagi Ilmu under the Bakti BCA umbrella is our act of supporting the younger generation to become excellent human resources and contribute to the Indonesian economy. Moreover, according to BPS, Indonesia is estimated to enter a demographic bonus period with the peak period until 2030, as indicated by the productive age population which is twice the number of children and elderly population. We believe that the best investment for this younger generation is education, thus Bakti BCA is committed to continuously facilitating them with various forms of support.”

Through the "Bakti BCA" umbrella, the company is committed to continually providing benefits on an individual, social, and ecosystem scale. BCA believes that empowered individuals can empower their communities, and empowered communities can contribute positively to the sustainability of the ecosystem, thus creating an interrelated and impactful cycle.

In order to strengthen this commitment, BCA has launched the #BuktiBaktiBCA campaign, which records the footprint of all Bakti BCA activities, collaborating with various stakeholders to support sustainable development in Indonesia. Bakti BCA program itself covers aspects of education (Bakti Pendidikan), health (Bakti Kesehatan), community empowerment (Desa Bakti BCA), culture (Bakti Budaya), and the environment (Bakti Lingkungan).

Besides the “BCA Berbagi Ilmu'' program, other Bakti Pendidikan programs include teacher training in Eastern Indonesia, support for the digital economy through the SYNRGY Accelerator & Academy, the Business and Banking Education Program (PPBP), and the Information Technology Engineering Education Program (PPTI), as well as the development of skills for people with disabilities. Recently, the company has officially launched the Bakti BCA Scholarship 2024 program, which is attended by 700 students from 20 universities in Indonesia. In total, Bakti BCA has provided scholarships and training to more than 7,000 outstanding students in Indonesia. For more information about Bakti BCA, please visit this link:

Picture Information I:

Commitment to Prepare Quality and Competitive Young Generations to Face the Demographic Bonus - Vice President Director of BCA Armand W. Hartono (center), EVP Corporate Communications & Social Responsibility of BCA Hera F. Haryn (left), and Bakti BCA Ambassador Nicholas Saputra (right) in a talk show session "BCA Berbagi Ilmu" at UNDIP, discussing the importance of leadership qualities as a foundation to persevere amidst numerous changes. The "BCA Berbagi Ilmu" program, which is one of Bakti BCA's flagship programs, also featured Nicholas Saputra as Bakti BCA Ambassador, to share leadership experiences with over 700 UNDIP students.

Picture Information II:

Ability to Adapt Amidst Change is The Key to Becoming a Good Leader. - Vice President Director of BCA Armand W. Hartono (second from the right), EVP Corporate Communications & Social Responsibility of BCA Hera F. Haryn (left), Rector of University of Diponegoro Prof. Dr. Suharnomo S.E., M.Si. (second from the left), and Head of BCA Regional Office II Widjaja Stephen (right) posed together at the public lecture event "BCA Berbagi Ilmu" with the theme "Survival Leadership, Facing Uncertainties" at Prof. Sudharto, SH Building, Diponegoro University (UNDIP), on Tuesday (7/5). Through the "BCA Berbagi Ilmu" program, BCA hopes to become one of the catalysts for the development of quality human resources (HR) to support economic growth and the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals in Indonesia.

Picture Information III:

"BCA Berbagi Ilmu" Semarang Successfully Brought More than 700 Students from UNDIP. - Vice President Director of BCA Armand W. Hartono (right), EVP Corporate Communications & Social Responsibility of BCA Hera F. Haryn (bottom center), Rector of University of Diponegoro Prof. Dr. Suharnomo, S.E., M.Si. (top center), and Bakti BCA Ambassador Nicholas Saputra (left) pose together with participants of the "BCA Berbagi Ilmu" public lecture at UNDIP Semarang. In addition to the public lecture, the "Berbagi Ilmu" program also includes two other activities: a banking tour for students (Student Banking Tour) and empowerment for people with disabilities


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