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03 Mar 2024

BCA Syariah Offers Gold Murabahah Financing at BCA Expoversary 2024


Jakarta, 3 March 2024 - Joining the celebration of BCA’s 67th anniversary, PT Bank BCA Syariah (BCA Syariah) participated in BCA Expoversary 2024 at ICE BSD, Tangerang (02/03/24), providing Sharia banking solutions for BCA customers and the public through various consumer financing options such as Emas iB (Islamic Bank) financing, KPR iB, and KKB iB.

During the talkshow with media folks at the BCA Expoversary mini studio, BCA Syariah Head of Retail and Consumer Business Unit Bukit Mas Siahaan, educated the media on BCA Syariah’s consumer financing products and the importance of starting a gold or precious metal investment as an alternative long-term investment instrument with high liquidity.

In response to the public’s need for a safe investment product amidst economic uncertainty, BCA Syariah offers the Emas iB financing product. Emas iB is a financing product from BCA Syariah for the ownership of precious metals (gold) with a sale and purchase/murabaha contract. Some of the benefits of Emas iB financing include: safety, as the type of gold financed is Antam precious metal and is safely stored at BCA Syariah until the financing is finalized; fixed installments that can be adjusted to financial capabilities; and ease of the financing application process with same-day approval.

During the educational talk, Bukit Mas Siahan clarifies the distinction between gold financing and gold savings. He illustrates that with financing, gold is bought at a fixed amount, price, and duration agreed upon from the beginning until the financing matures. Meanwhile, in gold savings, the amount of gold owned fluctuates based on the deposited balance, and its value tracks the market price, which could introduce uncertainty in the investment budget needed for owning precious metals.

With this financing scheme, gold ownership will be easier and safer. Customers can customize the amount of gold they want. Worry-free from the gold price increment due to fixed installments until the financing period ends. Bukit added, "Gold financing can foster a disciplined savings habit and be a financial planning solution among the younger generation," said Bukit.

At this year’s BCA Expoversary, BCA Syariah offers convenient solutions for Antam precious metal ownership, starting from 10 grams, with installments beginning at Rp200 thousand. Financing periods range from 1 to 5 years. BCA Syariah also presents a 10% down payment promo and same-day approval to ensure financing approval.

The increasing public interest in investing through Emas iB financing can be seen in the number of Emas iB financing portfolios, which grew 27.8% on an annual basis (Year on Year/YoY) at the end of December 2023. Additionally, in terms of the number of accounts, Emas iB financing is quite popular, as reflected in its significant growth of 53.5% YoY, reaching 3,781 accounts as of December 2023.

The majority of gold financing customers at BCA Syariah are in the age range of 25-50 years, reflecting that Emas iB financing is quite popular with customers starting from a relatively young age of 25 years. This aligns with the benefits of Emas iB financing, as it requires a reasonably affordable initial investment commitment since gold can be bought in 10 gram pieces, along with light installments and low risk, making it highly suitable for younger individuals who are learning to invest.

Moreover, at BCA Expoversary 2024, BCA Syariah once again offers financing solutions for home and vehicle ownership with attractive margin options. BCA Syariah provides fixed installments for up to 15 years for home financing through KPR iB, with equivalent margins starting from 3.67% effective per year.

KPR iB BCA Syariah also has a feature to meet the consumptive financing needs by using a house or shop house as collateral through KPR iB Refinancing. There are also KPR iB Take Over options to ease home financing transfers from any bank to BCA Syariah.

Meanwhile, for car ownership financing solutions, BCA Syariah offers KKB iB. KKB iB from BCA Syariah provides long-term fixed installments of up to 8 years with margins starting from 3.13%.

For prospective customers who are employed, BCA Syariah provides convenience through a one-day approval system that allows them to obtain confirmation regarding the results of their dream home and car financing applications without a lengthy wait.

BCA Syariah Realizes Worry-Free Gold Investment with Emas iB Financing - BCA Syariah Head of Retail and Consumer Business Unit Bukit Mas Siahaan (right) during a Mini Studio session themed "Kupas Tuntas Investasi Emas at BCA Syariah" at BCA Expoversary 2024, ICE BSD, on Saturday (02/03). To meet the growing investment needs of customers, BCA Syariah offers the Emas iB Financing product to accommodate the public’s need for a safe investment product amidst economic uncertainty. With this financing scheme, customers can be free from worry about future gold price increases, because the installments are fixed until the financing period ends.


About PT Bank BCA Syariah

PT Bank BCA Syariah (BCA Syariah) is a subsidiary of PT Bank Central Asia Tbk. which began operations as a Sharia Commercial Bank on 5 April, 2010. As of December 2023, BCA Syariah's total assets reached Rp 14.47 trillion, a 14% growth compared to the same period last year (yoy). BCA Syariah's financing disbursement was recorded at Rp9.01 trillion, growing 19% yoy. Third party funds (DPK) reached Rp10.95 trillion, an increase of 15% yoy. BCA Syariah now has 76 branch networks spread across Jabodetabek, Surabaya, Semarang, Bandung, Solo, Yogyakarta, Bandar Lampung, Medan, Palembang, Banda Aceh, Panakukkang, Malang, Kediri, Pasuruan, and Banyuwangi.


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