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23 Jun 2023

BCA’s Long Journey in Supporting the Nation's Cultural Preservation, From the Most Performed Wayang to Sudamala Performance


Solo, 23 June 2023 - PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA)’s support for "Satu dalam Cita" event in Solo, Central Java, affirms its position as a national bank consistently playing an active role in preserving Indonesia's noble culture. BCA’s extensive involvement in this event was expected to not only positively contribute to the preservation of Indonesian art and culture, but also to generate a multiplier effect on the national economy.

Satu dalam Cita is a series of events that consist of SUDAMALA Performance: Starting from Epilog Calonarang, Pasar Kangen, Royal Heritage Dinner, Ruwat Bumi Pura Mangkunegaran, and Art Workshops hold at Pura Mangkunegaran, Solo. The Sudamala Performance featured hundreds of artists, art activists, and professionals. Additionally, Pasar Kangen saw the participation of dozens of MSMEs, contributing to a faster economic turnover throughout the series of events.

During the “Satu Dalam Cita” press conference, BCA EVP of Corporate Communication & Social Responsibility Hera F. Haryn stated that BCA always supports positive arts and cultural activities that align with the bank’s values, while also contributing to economic growth in the local area.

“We believe that Indonesia has tremendous economic potential and needs an identity that reflects the nation's true essence. Additionally, the economic impact of cultural activities can create an extraordinary multiplier effect. From transportation and hotel stays to shopping transactions, everything are affected. Imagine if all of this is also done by guests and other visitors; how many businesses would benefit, including artists, art enthusiasts, and micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (UMKM) involved in this,” explained Hera.

As a bank that prioritizes sustainable business practices, BCA consistently strives to ensure that the bank’s presence is not only focused on economic aspects or profit but also contributes positively to stakeholders and the environment. Based on this foundation, through the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program under the umbrella of Bakti BCA, the bank designs a series of inclusive programs to provide sustainable benefits to the community.

One of the pillars of Bakti BCA is Bakti Budaya, which demonstrates BCA's commitment to preserving the nation's diverse arts, culture, and traditions. The program also fosters collaboration with numerous arts and creative industry players, engages the younger generation to help preserve the national culture, and is implemented holistically across the country.

Prior to participating in the “Satu dalam Cita” event, BCA had a long history of supporting the preservation of Indonesian culture. Some of these initiatives include the “Wayang for Student” program, which has been providing training and mentoring to the younger generation in preserving the art of wayang culture since 2012. For the consistency of this cultural program, BCA broke the MURI record as the “Company with the Most Wayang Cultural Preservation Activities.”

Furthermore, for the first time, BCA organized a wayang drama performance titled "Hanoman: Ada Apa dengan Shinta?" and a wayang comic strip exhibition in March 2023. These events engaged over 100 talented youths and students, attracting more than 1,000 visitors, including students, university students, and representatives from ministries and institutions related to culture.

BCA was also actively involved in preserving the traditional textiles of South Central Timor, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). In collaboration with Perkumpulan Warna Alam Indonesia, BCA has mentored 28 women weavers to preserve the typical weavings of South Central Timor and transform them into eco-fashion products that provide economic benefits to local communities while also preserving the environment.

Another BCA contribution in preserving Indonesia’s cultural heritage was through the regular Nusantara Academic Award event, in collaboration with the Nusantara Institute (NI). This event serves as an academic recognition for the best master's theses or doctoral dissertations that delve into issues related to culture, religion, and local kingdoms in Indonesia.

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BCA’s Long Journey in Supporting Cultural Preservation - BCA EVP of Corporate Communication and Social Responsibility Hera F. Haryn briefly explained BCA’s role in impacting cultural preservation during "Satu Dalam Cita" press conference at Pura Mangkunegaran, Solo, on Thursday (22/06). BCA’s consistency in cultural activities through Bakti Budaya pillar can be traced from several milestones, including the Wayang for Student program since 2012, breaking the MURI record for "Company with the Most Wayang Cultural Preservation Activities," fostering wastra weavers typical of South Central Timor, to the current Sudamala performance.


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