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13 Nov 2023

Committed to Empowering Local Products, BCA Collaborates with Inspigo, HaiBolu, and Impactto to Held BCA Bangga Lokal Mentorship Program

Jakarta, 13 November 2023 -  PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) partners with PT Inspigo Inspirasi Indonesia (Inspigo), Haibolu Online Business Community, and Impactto in enhancing local products quality through the BCA Bangga Lokal Mentorship Program. This program is a form of real initiative in enhancing capabilities and quality of local brands, making them ready to face challenges and grow business network.

BCA EVP of Transaction Banking Business Development & Marketing I Ketut Alam Wangsawijaya explained, “Local Businesses have an important role in strengthening the Indonesia economy. The significant role of Local Businesses needs to be supported with appropriate development and mentoring strategy to produce a competitive Local Business, both in the domestic and global market. Therefore, BCA once again held ‘BCA Bangga Lokal Mentorship’ program. This program is an implementation of BCA’s commitment to empower and enhance the quality of local businesses.”

In presenting the BCA Bangga Lokal Mentorship program, BCA collaborates with leading platforms in business development, such as Inspigo, Haibolu, and Impactto. Through this robust collaboration, BCA Bangga Lokal Mentorship program is expected to provide local businesses with the access to knowledge, resources, and connections needed to continue growing and thriving in an increasingly competitive business world.

BCA Bangga Lokal Mentorship program comprises various components such as Innovation Bootcamp, Entrepreneurship Webinar, Entrepreneurship Learning Content, and Bangga Lokal Member Benefits Content. BCA collaborates with Inspigo that will be providing Business content in Inspigo platform. Participants will also join AI Role Play, designed to empower local business owners by allowing them to practice and boost their confidence in handling real-world situations. This includes effectively managing challenging customer interactions, addressing team-related challenges, and making well-informed decisions. BCA Bangga Lokal Innovation Bootcamp is scheduled to begin on Monday (13/11).

The Innovation Bootcamp will feature several renowned mentors from Indonesia, each with expertise in their respective fields. Among them are Yoris Sebastian, co-founder of Inspigo, serving as the lead mentor, Didiet Maulana (Ikat Indonesia) as a mentor in the fashion industry, Chef Afit (Holycow) as a mentor in the food & beverages industry, Affi Assegaf (Venas Consulting) as a mentor in the health & beauty industry, and Arief Susanto (Dus Duk Duk Group) as the mentor in the hobby industry.

“Collaboration between all parties is essential to optimize the role of local businesses in the Indonesian economy. We are grateful for Inspigo, HaiBolu, and Impactto for their willingness to collaborate with the BCA Bangga Lokal Mentorship program. Through a robust synergy, we believe that this program will have a more significant impact on the local business communities involved,” stated Ketut.

CEO of Inspigo, Tyo Guritno, applauded BCA for its proactive approach in launching the BCA Bangga Lokal Mentorship program. The collaboration is expected to continually support the positive growth and advancement of local businesses that specialize in producing local products.

“We truly appreciate BCA’s initiative in establishing the BCA Bangga Lokal Mentorship program as a platform for local businesses to persistently learn, evolve, and deliver high-quality products. We are optimistic that this collaboration will unlock the exceptional potential within local entrepreneurs,” expressed Tyo.

Later on, HaiBolu as the Community Manager will assist the participants during the learning process. “We believe that through collaboration with parties who share the same vision and goals, we can create a broader impact on the development of local industries in Indonesia. Therefore, we appreciate the trust given by BCA to this program. We hope that we can continue helping local businesses to improve their business capabilities through BCA Bangga Lokal Mentorship,” said Ian Agisti, Director of HaiBolu.

Zahra Damariva, Partner of Impactto, added that they see BCA Bangga Lokal as an opportunity to contribute positively to the local business ecosystem. “Collaboration with startups that focus on supply chains and business processes is key for brands to create efficiency. Through this program, Impactto will facilitate business matching between participants and potential startups, opening up wider collaboration opportunities for local brands.”

Local business owners can register for Bangga Lokal Innovation Bootcamp through the link or access it at under the “Pembinaan” section for more information.

Participants will receive weekly newsletters and gain access to Inspigo for Business Bangga Lokal. Afterward, 20 finalists among the local businesses will be chosen to partake in the mentoring session known as Bangga Lokal Innovation Bootcamp.

During the Bootcamp, the 20 selected finalists will engage in a program comprising three sessions. The initial session will focus on the topic “Who Am I & What Am I Offering?” The second session will revolve around the theme “Plan 2024”, while the third session will explore the topic “How to Attract Your Customer”. The Bootcamp is scheduled to begin two weeks after the Kick-Off event.

The finalists will participate in individual mentoring sessions with Yoris Sebastian and other mentors. As the program concludes, participants will present their projects, marking the final evaluation. During this presentation, finalists will showcase their work. BCA Bangga Lokal mentoring series will conclude with the announcement of the winners.

Since November 2020, BCA has been actively working on the BCA Bangga Lokal Mentorship Program. This initiative is designed to support and nurture curated local businesses by offering them communication exposure, educational resources, and opportunities for working capital financing. As part of this program, BCA conducts webinars on various business-related topics, facilitates collaborations between local businesses and creators for innovative product development, and provides coaching clinics

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Emphasizing the Commitment to Empower Local Products, BCA Held BCA Bangga Lokal Mentorship Program Vol. 4 – BCA EVP of Transaction Banking Business Development I Ketut Alam Wangsawijaya (center) along with Partner of Impactto Zahra Damariva (far left), Director of HaiBolu Ian Agisti Dewi (second from the left), Lead Mentor Yoris Sebastian (second from the right), and CEO of Inspigo Tyo Guritno (far right), are posing together at the kick-off event of BCA Bangga Lokal Mentorship Program Vol. 4 on Monday (13/11). BCA is collaborating with Inspigo, Haibolu Online Business Community, and Impactto to improve the quality of local products in BCA Bangga Lokal Mentorship Program. This initiative represents a concrete step towards enhancing the capacity and quality of local brands, enabling them to face challenges and expand their business networks.





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