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15 Nov 2023

A Story from Manokwari: Hope for Seblon Indow to Support His Family After Participating BCA's Cataract Surgery Social Service


Manokwari, 15 November 2023 - Seblon Indow (43) walked with his wife and two children to the Manokwari Regional Public Hospital complex on Saturday (11/11). The man who makes a living by farming, has been diagnosed with cataracts for over a year. His vision is blurry, which makes it difficult for him to enter the forest to harvest crops and hunt pigs. Therefore, Seblon has to rely on his wife, Christina, and other family members to meet their daily needs.

Seblon admitted that he never knew the cause of his cataracts. He claimed to always work under the scorching sun. Initially, Seblon complained about seeing spots and white shadows while farming and venturing into the forest. Over a year later, he heard about Cataract Surgery Social Service at the Manokwari Regional Public Hospital, which was initiated by PT Bank Central Asia Tbk. (BCA) and the Cataract Blindness Management Division of the Indonesian Ophthalmologist Association (PERDAMI).

Through Bakti BCA CSR program, the free cataract surgery is a manifestation of the company’s commitment in enhancing public health quality and reducing blindness caused by cataracts in Indonesia. The cataract surgery was held over two days on 11-12 November 2023. A total of 120 patients in Manokwari, who met the necessary medical criteria for cataract surgery, underwent the procedure. The surgeries were conducted by both the PERDAMI team and eye specialist doctors from Manokwari Regional Public Hospital.

The opening ceremony of Bakti BCA’s free cataract surgery was attended by Manokwari Regent Hermus Indou, Manokwari Regional Public Hospital Elisabet R. Ayomi, SPBK PERDAMI representative Dr. Dyana Watania, Sp,M, and Head of BCA Sub-branch Office in Jayapura Yusuf Effendi on Saturday (11/11).

Manokwari is the capital of West Papua Province located in the easternmost region of Indonesia, bordering Papua New Guinea. Its natural beauty, surrounded by hills and featuring a beautiful coastline, makes Manokwari one of the favorite tourist destinations. Nevertheless, amid the breathtaking natural scenery, there are challenges, notably the elevated risk of cataract-related diseases.

With the majority of the population working as farmers and fishermen, there is a higher likelihood of exposure to ultraviolet rays, which is one of the causes of cataracts. Recognizing this situation, BCA has introduced a free cataract surgery in Manokwari with the hope of providing the necessary medical care.

Head of BCA Sub-branch Office in Jayapura Yusuf Effendi stated, “We are honored to extend and broaden the reach of Cataract Surgery Social Service in Manokwari, West Papua. Following BCA’s commitment to reduce blindness, this program aims to bring hope and improve the quality of life for the people of Manokwari and its surrounding areas facing such challenges.

As information, BCA has been regularly organizing cataract surgery since 2001. In 2022, BCA sponsored 803 cataract surgeries across different locations in Indonesia, providing medical services to over 15 thousand patients through BCA-affiliated clinics. In the current year, the BCA Cataract Surgery Social Service has been implemented in various places, including Puruk Cahu in Central Kalimantan, Batam in the Riau Islands, Kota Tual in Southeast Maluku, Margaasih in Bandung, and West Pesisir in Lampung, successfully assisting more than 700 patients. Looking ahead, BCA is dedicated to continuing and expanding the Cataract Surgery Social Service to cover the entire country.

BCA EVP of Corporate Communication & Social Responsibility Hera F. Haryn explained, “In partnership with PERDAMI, BCA is dedicated to bringing positive change to the Manokwari community through a social service program focused on cataract surgery. Recognizing that cataract surgery extends beyond eye health, impacting productivity and overall quality of life, we believe that providing inclusive healthcare access to remote areas will result in significant positive outcomes. With this commitment, BCA aims to bring a new light for those in need.”

Not only providing cataract surgeries, but to fight against cataracts BCA also proactively providing assistance with cataract surgical tools to aid SPBK PERDAMI and its various branch offices. Collaborating with SPBK PERDAMI, the Cataract Surgery Social Service aims to persistently decrease the number of cataract patients in Indonesia.

SPBK PERDAMI representative dr. Dyana Watania expressed, “We highly appreciate BCA’s efforts in extending the cataract surgery program across regions in Indonesia. This initiative enables us to reach cataract patients in remote areas, actively playing a role in reducing cataract cases nationwide. BCA also provides other support such as cataract surgical equipment that plays an important role in improving the well-being of patients who suffer from cataract. We hope this collaboration will strengthen further so that together we can reduce cataract patients in Indonesia.”

A smile lit up Seblon's face as he emerged from the operating room. His face beamed as he listened to the doctor's explanation on post-surgery care. Laughter echoed as Seblon returned home, carrying a spark of hope that his eyes would regain clear vision. Expressing gratitude, Seblon said, “I am thankful to BCA for arranging the Cataract Surgery Social Service. I hope that after I fully recover, I can return to my garden and provide for my family to the fullest. Thank you, BCA.”

Picture Information:

Tackle Blindness Due to Cataract in Papua, BCA Holds Cataract Surgery Social Service in Manokwari - A team of eye specialist doctors from SPBK PERDAMI carried out cataract surgeries at Manokwari Regional Public Hospital, West Papua, on Saturday (11/11) as part of BCA’s Cataract Surgery Social Service. PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA), in collaboration with the Cataract Blindness Management Division of the Indonesian Ophthalmologist Association (SPBK PERDAMI), extended its CSR initiative, Bakti BCA, throughout the eastern part of Indonesia. Under the umbrella Bakti Kesehatan BCA, this initiative is a form of BCA's commitment to enhancing public health and addressing blindness caused by cataract in Indonesia. The cataract surgery was held over two days on 11-12 November 2023.

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Cataracts Affects People Livelihoods - Seblon Indow, one of the BCA Cataract Surgery Social Service participants, admitted that he’s not able to support his family because of cataracts. BCA hopes that the Bakti BCA cataract surgery social service program can reach patients who have faced challenges in accessing quality eye health facilities.. After undergoing cataract surgery, patients can regain productivity and actively participate in their communities. BCA has consistently organized cataract surgeries since 2001. In 2022, BCA sponsored 803 cataract surgeries across various locations in Indonesia, providing medical services to over 15,000 patients through BCA-affiliated clinics. BCA is dedicated to the ongoing and expanded implementation of the Cataract Surgery Social Service nationwide.


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