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13 Oct 2023

On World Sight Day, Maria Rahanyaan Regains Her Vision After Receiving Cataract Surgery through Bakti BCA


Southeast Maluku, 13 October 2023 - To commemorate World Sight Day, PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) is organizing a series of Cataract Surgery Social Service Programs throughout October 2023 as part of its CSR initiative, known as Bakti BCA. In collaboration with the Cataract Blindness Management Division of the Indonesian Ophthalmologist Association (SPBK PERDAMI), Bakti BCA held a series of cataract surgery programs in Southeast Maluku, Bandung, West Pesisir Lampung, and Manokwari.

In Southeast Maluku, the cataract surgery social service by Bakti BCA was conducted at the Karel Sadsuitubun Regional Public Hospital on 12-13 October 2023. A total of 150 patients from the Kei Kecil Islands, Tual, Southeast Maluku, who met the medical criteria, received cataract surgeries performed by a team of ophthalmology specialists from PERDAMI.

One of the patient is Maria Rahanyaan, a 45-year-old mother of four from Tual, Southeast Maluku. Maria suffers from cataracts in both of her eyes, which have prevented her from carrying out daily activities. In fact, cataracts forced her to quit her job and reduce her church-related service activities. Moreover, Maria’s husband, a fisherman, had to remain on land to look after his wife, who has vision impairment.

BCA’s collaboration with SPBK PERDAMI has given Maria renewed hope. She is slowly regaining her vision, and her dream of seeing her family’s faces once more is gradually becoming a reality after participating in the Cataract Surgery Social Service.

Under the Bakti BCA Health program, cataract surgery is one of the company’s commitments to improving public health and reducing the incidence of cataract-related blindness in Indonesia.

VP of Corporate Social Responsibility BCA Titi Yusnarti stated, “We chose Tual as one of the key locations for our Bakti BCA Cataract Surgery Social Service Programs because of the significant distance between the island of Kei Kecil and the provincial capital. Furthermore, there is a lack of eye healthcare facilities on this island, which results in limited access to adequate eye healthcare services for many cataract patients. We are keenly aware of the critical importance of maintaining eye health, as it plays a vital role in enabling individuals to maximize their productivity and contributions to the community.”

After Southeast Maluku, BCA will continue cataract surgeries in Bandung, Lampung, and Manokwari in October. Throughout the year 2023, BCA Cataract Surgery Social Service Programs have been conducted in two locations, namely Puruk Cahu, Central Kalimantan, and Batam, Riau Islands, and have served nearly 300 patients.

BCA has been consistently organizing cataract surgery activities since 2001. In 2022, BCA sponsored 803 cataract surgeries across various locations in Indonesia and also provided medical services to over 15,688 patients through clinics affiliated with BCA. Moving forward, BCA is dedicated to both continuing and expanding the Cataract Surgery Social Service Program to cover the entire archipelago.

EVP of Corporate Communication and Social Responsibility BCA Hera F. Haryn explained “Cataracts continue to be a pressing eye disorder in Indonesia and can affect individuals in various aspects of their daily lives. Since 2002, BCA has been working in collaboration with different organizations, including SPBK PERDAMI, to make cataract surgery services more accessible to the community, including those residing in remote areas. We aspire for BCA’s Bakti program to expand its reach to more regions and help reduce the prevalence of cataracts in Indonesia.”

Not only does BCA provide cataract surgeries, but it also proactively offers support by supplying cataract surgery equipment to assist SPBK PERDAMI and various PERDAMI branches in their efforts to combat cataracts. This initiative is expected to streamline procedures by leveraging technology, minimizing risks, and optimizing positive outcomes.

PERDAMI representative dr. Faraby Martha, Sp.M(K) expressed, “We highly appreciate BCA’s ongoing efforts to expand the cataract surgery social service program to various regions, reaching cataract patients across Indonesia. The support in providing cataract surgery equipment has also significantly contributed to the eradication of cataract blindness in Indonesia. I hope that through our expanding collaboration, we can further decrease the number of cataract patients in Indonesia.”

“BCA, thank you for implementing the Cataract Social Service Program on Kei Kecil Island. Your presence has been greatly helpful to me. I hope that, after regaining my sight, I can once again support my husband's work as a fisherman. I look forward to resuming my daily activities, taking care of my husband and children, and continuing my service in the church,” concluded Maria Rahanyaan.

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To commemorate World Sight Day, SPBK PERDAMI and Bakti BCA successfully conducted cataract surgeries for hundreds of patients on Kei Kecil Island - Commemorating World Sight Day, PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) organized a series of Cataract Surgery Social Service programs in several regions, extending to the easternmost part of Indonesia. BCA, in collaboration with various parties, including SPBK PERDAMI, has been working together to bring new light through cataract surgeries since 2001. Cataracts are one of the major health issues in Indonesia. BCA's contribution on Kei Kecil Island, Southeast Maluku, serves as evidence of their consistent effort in fighting against vision impairments.

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Preparing to Embrace a New Light - Maria Rahanyaan (45) is among the cataract surgery patients at Karel Sadsuitubun Langgur Regional Public Hospital. She is one of hundreds of patients who have traveled from various villages in Langgur, Southeast Maluku, to undergo cataract surgery. The limited availability of eye specialists and medical facilities in the area has led to a warm welcome from the local residents to one of Bakti BCA initiatives.


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