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30 May 2023

Develops a Positive Work Culture, BCA Supports Employees in Achieving Work-Life Balance

Jakarta, May 26, 2023 - The implementation of company values within the work environment of PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) has successfully responded to the challenges of the dynamic world of work. As a result of this work culture, BCA has been awarded as the "Best Companies to Work for in Asia" and the "We Care" award in the HR Asia Awards by Business Media International (BMI).

BCA Director Lianawaty Suwono said, "At BCA, we always provide equal opportunities for every individual to create collaborative teamwork in achieving the company's vision and mission. We instill the 'ONE BCA' work spirit, which applies the motto 'One Goal, One Soul, One Joy' to foster employee productivity within a strong sense of camaraderie. Above all, we aim to make BCA a preferred workplace that consistently provides space for potential talents to grow."

BCA realizes that high-quality human resources (HR) are valuable assets that need to be maintained in terms of their quality. A positive work environment will have a positive impact on employee satisfaction. To achieve this goal, BCA has an Employer Value Proposition (EVP) consisting of a Friendly Environment and Continuous Improvement.

Amidst the increasingly dynamic banking industry and changing individual behaviors, BCA has taken proactive measures by introducing a range of innovations and new breakthroughs to create a more adaptive, comfortable, and collaborative work environment. One such measure is the provision of long tables in workspaces to foster collaboration among team members, as well as the implementation of automation to enable employees to focus on more strategic tasks. Moreover, keeping up with the times, BCA also captures employees' activities on social media platforms such as Instagram @lifeatbca, reflecting the company's commitment to stay connected and engaged with its workforce.

The company provides various facilities and communities as platforms for employee development, encompassing both hard and soft skills. BCA's training programs are available in both online and offline formats, with a dedicated training center known as the BCA Learning Institute located in Sentul, Bogor.

BCA also prioritizes employee wellbeing through its WellCare program, consisting of four pillars: Career WellCare, Financial WellCare, Mind & Body WellCare, and Social WellCare. As an example, outside of working hours, the company provides various facilities and communities that allow employees to pursue their hobbies, as part of efforts to create a work-life balance. For employees who enjoy running, there is the Asia Run community; Asia Bike for cycling enthusiasts; Asia Lens for photography lovers; Asia Dance for dance enthusiasts, and even communities for online gaming enthusiasts. Each year, BCA organizes the BCA Sports and Arts Week (Pekan Olahraga Seni or Porseni) where different sports and art branches showcase their skills, both virtually and offline. These initiatives highlight BCA's commitment to fostering a holistic and supportive work environment that promotes employee engagement and personal growth.

Not only supporting physical health, the company also continues to pay attention to the mental health of its employees through the provision of free counseling services in collaboration with professional experts. In addition, employees are enriched with information about financial developments provided through COP/investment webinars.

As a form of appreciation from the company to talented individuals, BCA organizes internal activities such as BCA Innovation Award, Kaizen Championship, Finhacks, and other competitions to sharpen the critical thinking and creativity of its employees.

Rudi Lim, Executive Vice President (EVP) of Human Capital Management at BCA, added, "We are committed to continuously providing added value to the BCA family and the wider community. BCA consistently creates a comfortable and productive working environment for all employees because we believe that their comfort and satisfaction in their work will have an impact on customer service, as well as the reputation and capabilities of the company. Therefore, we always provide facilities that can support these aspects."

Showered with Accolades

BCA's efforts to meet the needs and develop the potential of its employees have been recognized by other institutions. An event titled HR Asia Awards 2022, organized by Business Media International (BMI), awarded BCA as the "Best Companies to Work for in Asia." The event also presented the "We Care" award, which is only given to companies that demonstrate care and empathy towards employee engagement and provide the best workplace by adapting to changes. In 2022, it marked the fourth consecutive year for BCA to win the HR Asia Award: Best Companies to Work in Asia.

Through the facilities and self-development programs supported by BCA, BCA employees can develop themselves and significantly improve their quality of life. "I am proud to be a part of BCA and I am happy to work in a supportive environment that pushes me to continue growing. Especially considering that BCA is one of the largest banking companies in Indonesia, I feel that what I do at the office also has a real impact on the wider society out there," said Felicia Gladys, BCA Employee and Winner of the BCA Award 2022 in the National Service Ambassador category.

Positive Work Culture Through Work Life Balance - BCA President Director, Jahja Setiaatmadja (center), attended and enlivened the BCA 2023 Sports and Arts Week (Porseni), the highlight of the celebration of PT Bank Central Asia (BCA) Tbk's 66th anniversary in early March. Porseni BCA is a periodic company event that reflects work-life balance for all employees. BCA consistently encourages all employees to channel their interests and talents. The efforts to maintain this balance have led BCA to achieve the "Best Companies to Work for in Asia" award, as well as the "We Care" award in the HR Asia Awards by Business Media International (BMI).


About PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (as of 31 March 2023)

BCA is one of the leading commercial banks in Indonesia with the core business of transaction banking. BCA also offers a full range of financial services in consumer, SME, commercial and corporate segments. As of March 2023, BCA has the privilege of serving more than 36 million customer accounts, processing around 77 million of daily transactions through a network of 1,247 branches; 18,348 ATMs as well as the 24-hour internet & mobile banking systems; supported by 24/7 Halo BCA contact center. BCA’s presence is complemented by a number of subsidiaries focusing on vehicle financing, sharia banking, securities, general and life insurance, digital bank, remittance as well as venture capital business. BCA is committed to building lasting relationship with customers, putting people first, and making positive impact on society at large. With around 25,000 employees, BCA's vision is to be the bank of choice and a major pillar of the Indonesia economy.

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