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15 Mar 2019

BCA Disburses Rp300 Billion Syndicated Loan to PT Buana Finance Tbk

Jakarta, 15 March 2019 – PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA), acting as a Mandated Lead Arranger and Bookrunner, disburses a syndicated loan of Rp1 trillion to PT Buana Finance Tbk. The loan is provided by a group of 8 banks, with a 36-month tenor and withdrawal period of six months. Attending the signing ceremony was Executive Vice President of Group Corporate Finance of BCA Susiana Santoso, Senior Vice President of Group Corporate Banking of BCA Raymond Tanuwibowo, Head of BCA Branch Corporate Office Dhejani Surjadi, President Director of PT Buana Finance Tbk Yanuar Alin, and representatives of the other 7 participating banks in Jakarta, Friday (15/03). The loans amounting to Rp1 trillion, among others, come from BCA Rp300 billion, Bank Permata Rp200 billion, Bank Panin, Bank Jateng, Bank Shinhan, Bank Artha Graha Internasional each Rp100 billion, and Bank QNB Indonesia and Bank SBI Indonesia each Rp50 billion.

Executive Vice President of Group Corporate Finance of BCA Susiana Santoso expresses her highest appreciation to PT Buana Finance for entrusting BCA as the Mandated Lead Arrangerand Bookrunner for this syndicated loan worth Rp1 trillion. This collaboration provides an opportunity for BCA to expand its commitment as a bank that continues to provide value added to all stakeholders and the community in supporting future economic growth.

As is well known, BCA targets its credit growth in 2019 to reach 10%. Such target is classified as conservative considering that in 2018, BCA’s credit growth target was set at around 9%. However, in its realization, BCA’s credit hit 15.1% to Rp538 trillion. The increased credit portfolio last year was driven by the high demand for business loans. Corporate loans grew 20.4% to Rp213.3 trillion at the end of 2018. Commercial and SME loans increased by 13.4% to Rp183.8 trillion.

Susiana Santoso added that BCA believes that PT Buana Finance also shared the same commitment in creating value added, establishing trust on both ends that converted into syndication loan facility supported by banking partners. The signing of this loan is expected to be the beginning of a series of future cooperation and value added that can be harnessed by all stakeholders and the people.

“BCA is ready to channel loan facility to meet the demands of the public. Even though we have adequate liquid assets to fulfil these demands, we still need to implement the principle of prudence and focus on prudent loan disbursement,” Susiana Santoso concluded.

BCA Salurkan Pinjaman Sindikasi Rp300 Miliar kepada PT Buana Finance Tbk

The Signing of Syndicated Loan Facility – Senior Vice President of Group Corporate Banking of BCA Raymond Tanuwibowo (second left) accompanied by Executive Vice President of Group Corporate Finance of BCA Susiana Santoso (second right) and Head of BCA Corporate Branch Office Dhejani Surjadi (right) with President Director of PT Buana Finance Tbk Yanuar Alin (left) signed the syndicated loan facility in Jakarta, Friday (15/03). This time, BCA acted as the Mandated Lead Arrangerand Bookrunner and disbursed a syndicated loan worth Rp1 trillion to PT Buana Finance Tbk together with 7 other participank banks. BCA disbursed a syndicated loan of Rp300 billion, which will be used as working capital for leasing and consumer finance.



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