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04 Oct 2021

BCA Collaborates with Drinking Water Provincially-owned Corporation (Perumda) Tirta Alam Tarakan to Present A Payment Solution

Tarakan, September 27, 2021 – After successfully presenting a payment solution for Drinking Water Perumda in some regions in Indonesia, PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) has currently collaborated with Tirta Alam Tarakan. This collaboration provides a cash management solution to pay water bills for Tarakan people through BCA e-channel, which currently begins with BCA ATMs.

Collaboration ceremony between BCA and Drinking Water Perumda Tirta Alam Tarakan was held on Monday, 27 September 2021 at the Tarakan Mayor's Office. Mayor of Tarakan, dr. Khairul M.Kes, Director of Drinking Water Perumda Tirta Alam Tarakan Iwan Setiawan, and the Head of BCA KCU Tarakan Jedida Lauw attended this event.

“As a part of the national banking system, we are always present in the community to provide various financial solutions, one of which is the payment of water bills. It is our responsibility to deliver innovations that accommodate customers' needs. Collaborating with Drinking Water Perumda Tirta Alam Tarakan, we provide convenience and comfort for all Tarakan people, which can be a one-stop-solution,'' said Jedida.

For information, BCA has previously collaborated with Drinking Water Perumda in some regions in Indonesia such as Banjarmasin, Pontianak, Kubu Raya, Palangkaraya, Singkawang and several other regions in order to provide convenience of transactions for customers through BCA e-channel. In addition to that convenience, payments through BCA ATMs are also more practical and more efficient because they only require a few steps. BCA customers simply select the Other Transactions menu, select Payment, select PAM, enter PAM Code, enter Pay Number, confirm payment, and the transaction is completed.

In line with Jedida, the Mayor of Tarakan also welcomed this payment solution in order to provide easy access for Tarakan residents to pay bills. "With the inclusion of BCA in the collaboration for paying PDAM bills, there will be more outlets for payments. This will give people many options to make transactions for paying PDAM bills more easily," said dr. Khairul M.Kes.

Director of Drinking Water Perumda Tirta Alam Tarakan, Iwan Setiawan expressed his gratitude to BCA for collaborating with PDAM Tarakan. “This collaboration makes it easier for PDAM customers, many of whom are BCA customers, and is also a good step to reduce queues at PDAM payment counters. Hopefully this collaboration can be developed constantly in the future," said Iwan.

''We hope that through the expansion of this Collaboration, the whole Tarakan community can welcome it. In addition to payment solutions through ATMs, we also provide BCA e-channel services which can also be used to pay bills. It is expected that this collaboration can increase community discipline in paying Perumda's water bill," concluded Jedida.

BCA Collaborates with Drinking Water Perumda Tirta Alam Tarakan - The Head of BCA Tarakan KCU Jedida Lauw symbolically handed over the token of appreciation to the Mayor of Tarakan, dr. Khairul, M.Kes as a sign of the start of collaboration between BCA and Perumda Tirta Alam Tarakan on Monday (27/09). This collaboration gave Tarakan people a cash management solution for paying water bills through BCA e-channel, which currently begins with BCA ATMs.


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