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21 Feb 2020

Let’s Go to Bobaland at BCA Expoversary 2020. Enjoy the Promo of Up to 63%

Jakarta, 21 February 2020 – Who doesn’t know boba? The delicious bubble tea is a popular and refreshing drink, which comes in a wide range of variant and unique flavors. For you boba lovers, you don’t want to miss out on the BCA Expoversary 2020, which is held Hall 6-10, ICE BSD, Tangerang on 21-23 February 2020.

On BCA’s 63rd anniversary, the BCA Expoversary presents the Bobaland, which is specifically designed for boba lovers in Indonesia. What are the variants that you can find at the Bobaland BCA Expoversary? Here are 10 boba tenants at BCA Expoversary:

  1. Xing Fu Tang
    When you heard of Xing Fu Tang, you immediately think of the endless line in front of the outlets every day. Their most sought for signature drink is the brown sugar boba milk, attracting hordes of boba lovers who are willingly stand in line for two hours to get a taste of this specialty drink. It is the perfect time to enjoy the most sought for boba drink with a discount of up to 63%.
  2. Kokumi
    Similar to Xing Fu Tang, Kokumi is another popular boba tea shop. Its best seller is the Okinawa Brown Sugar Big Boba, which was named after a street in Japan. The Okinawa Brown Sugar is a mix of milk and Okinawa syrup doused using palm sugar, offering a creamy and savory taste to it. Yummy!
  3. GuluGulu
    Are you a fan of cheese flavored boba tea? If yes, then Gulu Gulu is for you! Even better, the Red boba, GuluGulu’s premium series drink that was launched in October 2019 is also the top pick. The innovative red boba with melted cheese is ready to spoil you and give you a whole different boba tasting experience.
  4. Onezo
    The soft and chewy Boba Onezo is the Onezo’s specialty that brings new unique flavor to its bubble balls. The boba is mixed with the ingredients of your choice such as mango or brown sugar. You definitely have to try the Onezo signature, namely the Dirty Brown Sugar with Fresh Milk.
  5. Fat Bubble
    Fat Bubble is known for its boba tea specialty combination with Ovomaltine and Oreo! In addition to boba, you can also add other topping such as jelly and cincau (grass jelly).
  6. Chatime
    Chatime originated in Taiwan and has expanded to more than 100 locations worldwide including Indonesia. It adapted its menu to cater to the locals’ tastes and preferences.
  7. Hop Hop
    For 19 years, this legendary boba offers a wide range of flavor selections, starting from chocolate, coffee, fruit¸and tea. Hop Hop is famous for its black sticky balls.
  8. XI BO BA
    Who doesn’t know this one? Xi Bo Ba is a boba drink from Indonesia. With prices ranging from Rp19,000,00, you can enjoy this delicious boba drink that is as tasty as those from Taiwan!
    Honey Golden Pearl Green Milk Tea is a signature drink of Daboba. Daboba itself is known for its pearls that are more chewy, softer, and easy to chew. The pearl offers a well balance flavor – not too sweet, not too bland. It combines well with the sweet taste that comes from the milk.
  10. Ji Long Tang
    Also known as “JLD”, this popular boba sensation originated in Taipei and uses brown which is cooked using a slow frying process for 3-4 hours every day. You must be wondering how this one tastes like?

Those are the 10 boba drinks that will participate at the BCA Expoversary 2020. Don’t miss out the opportunity to enjoy your boba haven at the BCA Expoversary, with a discount of up to 63% by using BCA payment methods.

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Enthusiastic visitors were seen enjoying boba drinks at the BCA Expoversary 2020. The Bobaland that presents 10 boba tenants was one of the main attractions at the BCA Expoversary during the celebration of the 63rd BCA anniversary.


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