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25 Aug 2021

BCA SYNRGY Academy Batch 2 Program Produces 48 Quality Digital Talents

Jakarta, August 25, 2021 – PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) as a close part of society continues to strive to provide added value for Indonesia, one of them is by supporting the birth of new talents in the digital world. This effort is implemented through the ongoing BCA SYNRGY Academy program. A while ago, BCA SYNRGY Academy Batch 2 officially closed and produced 48 students ready to pursue career in the digital world. Previously, BCA produced 36 ready-to-work talents through SYNRGY Academy Batch 1.

The journey of SYNRGY Academy Batch 2 started from January 2021 until entering the final stage in July 2021. At the end of their journey, SYNRGY Academy Batch 2 students presented their final project produced through teamwork. Carrying the theme “Gamification in Banking: How Banks Make Their Apps Engaging”, students are assigned to create a prototype banking application that is able to attract users' attention without losing its essence. In Batch 2, 48 students successfully graduated from their respective class choices, including Android Engineering, Backend Engineering, Frontend Engineering, Quality Assurance, and UI/UX Design classes.

Vice President IT of BCA Yohanes Andiyanto revealed that the concept of gaming in banking applications is relatively rare, but can be a high attraction. “We appreciate the enthusiasm of students who remain consistent in class to explore as far as possible. The concept of gamification in the banking platform is very rare or challenging to be included in social interaction. However, the concept of gaming is implemented to create a showcase or achievement that can be shown (to be an attraction) to friends, to the community or whoever we know on social media, "

The application prototypes for each team are presented at the Final Showcase event held in July 2021. On that occasion, there are three applications namely Beasy (Banking Can Be Easy), Jalin (Be Pleasure to Your Bankin') and Monola (Create Your Easy and Fun Banking Experience!). Through the presentation, it can be seen that each application has its own features, aspects, and uniqueness. On the other hand, all three of them emphasize the goal of making transactions easier for users.

Other than to present application prototypes, Final Showcase also aims to show that collaboration is an important aspect that needs to be considered and honed. This was also emphasized by the Co-Founder of Binar Academy, Seto Lareno, the judge in the SYNRGY Academy Batch 2 Final Showcase event. “In this showcase, we together learn how to interact and work together as a team to implement complex projects. This collaboration, known as a social learning, happens in the professional environment. No more one man stand out or work alone, team work is a must. This will be a philosophy, that in the future there will be no one person working, everyone must have a strong collaboration.”

After holding the Final Showcase, SYNRGY Academy Batch 2 students attended the last event that is Graduation. Like the graduation ceremony in general, SYNRGY Academy Batch 2 students participated in a series of processions starting from the opening, honoring the call to each graduate, giving awards, and closing, all of them were carried out virtually.

SVP Digital Innovation Solutions of BCA Adi Prasetyo Susilo expressed his hope to the graduates of SYNRGY Academy Batch 2 “We believe the knowledge gained during the training will be an added value for students. We hope that what students received during the SYNRGY Academy program could be the foundation to achieve their dreams. The development of technology rapidly increases and dynamic, so never stop learning, "

Graduates of SYNRGY Academy Batch 2 receive job recruitment opportunities directly accommodated by BCA. The job recruiting process starts from briefing, filling out forms, recruitment, and other further stages. Hopefully, the graduates of SYNRGY Academy Batch 2 could implement their knowledge and experience they have gained so far in the company where they will build their career in the future. However, if they are not passed in process, then the graduates of SYNRGY Academy Batch 2 will be given other job opportunities to other Binar Academy partners.

As additional information, the SYNRGY Academy program is one of BCA's efforts to accelerate the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Currently, the training is ongoing for SYNRGY Academy Batch 3 students.

For further information about SYNRGY Academy, please visit SYNRGY website at or (Instagram).

BCA SYNRGY Academy Batch 2 Progam Officially Closed – BCA SYNRGY Academy Batch 2 successfully graduates 48 students from their respective class choices, including: Android Engineering, Backend Engineering, Frontend Engineering, Quality Assurance, and UI/UX Design. With the theme "Gamification in Banking: How Banks Make Their Apps Engaging", students are assigned to create a banking application prototype that is able to attract users' attention without losing its essence.


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