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13 Aug 2021

BCA Digital CS Machine & Toll-free Halo BCA, Digital Banking Services Nowadays

Jakarta, August 13, 2021 – PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) is constantly committed to providing the best service for its loyal customers through optimal banking digitalization.

In a response to a customer @ruthnats who gave a testimonial that many users responded on social media Twitter regarding the ease of making transactions on the BCA Digital CS machine, BCA Executive Vice President of Secretariat & Corporate Communication, Hera F. Haryn said, “We thank our customers for giving trust and appreciation to BCA in providing digital banking services. We are grateful that this Digital CS machine can provide added value and long-term benefits, especially during the current pandemic which encourages customers to make banking transactions more easily, practically and safely," added Hera.

One of BCA's innovations is to develop the concept of a future branch model that is more efficient with technology and digital machines that can be used by customers independently, such as the use of the Digital CS machine, which is one of BCA's services that can be performed on a self-service basis for using user friendly technology.

For information, BCA Digital CS machines with the features of changing ATM cards using electronic ID Card have been available since April 2019. Until now, BCA has nearly 1200 BCA Digital CS machines in many locations.

Loyal BCA customers can make various customer service transactions comfortably and be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the designated BCA Digital CS locations. Customers can make various transactions on BCA Digital CS, including:

  1. Change of card: migration to chip, lost, damaged, change of card type, forgotten PIN, printing digital to physical card.
  2. E-Banking Registration: Mobile Banking (BCA mobile), Klik BCA Individual (KBI)

“If customers want to replace their debit card/ATM card because it is lost, damaged or wants to change the card type, there is no need to bother or panic because the BCA Digital CS machine is ready to help you. Customers or prospective customers only need to bring an electronic ID Card as a verification tool for transactions on the BCA Digital CS machine. This makes it easier for customers, especially during the current pandemic," added Hera.

On this occasion, we would also like to urge BCA customers to change their debit card/magnetic stripe ATM card into a chip-based debit card/ATM card. This is according to Bank Indonesia regulations that require the use of 100% chip cards by December 31, 2021. For information, as of June 2021, the number of BCA Debit Cards recorded is at around 24 million, of which nearly 20.6 million (about 85%) have used chips.

"For BCA customers who have not replaced their magnetic stripe ATM card with an ATM chip card, we invite customers to immediately replace it. They can do it easily and practically on the BCA Digital CS machine," said Hera.

Detail information about Digital CS:

  1. Tutorial on Printing and Changing BCA Debit Card:
  2. Digital CS branch locations:

On the other hand, BCA has recently launched the latest digital innovation for customers to connect more easily with Halo BCA via Halo BCA application. The application is a mobile application that can be used to contact Halo BCA through all official channels owned by Halo BCA, including Call, Chat, Email and Twitter.

This Halo BCA application provides an alternative channel for customers to contact Halo BCA with VoIP Call facilities, i.e. making calls using internet quota. The facilities can also make it easier for customers from abroad to contact Halo BCA. Other features can also be used by overseas customers.

Customers can download the Halo BCA application on Play Store (Android) or Appstore (iOS). After downloading, they can immediately use the application. However, customers should register first to speed up the verification process when making calls.

More information about the Halo BCA application can be checked via:



About PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (as of 30 June 2021)

BCA is one of the leading commercial banks in Indonesia with the core business of transaction banking. BCA also offers a full range of financial services in consumer, SME, commercial and corporate segments. As of June 2021, BCA has the privilege of serving more than 26 million customer accounts, processing around 41 million of daily transactions through a network of 1,013 branches; 17,721 ATMs as well as the 24-hour internet & mobile banking systems; supported by 24/7 Halo BCA contact center. BCA’s presence is complemented by a number of subsidiaries focusing on vehicle financing, sharia banking, securities, general and life insurance, digital bank, remittance as well as venture capital business. BCA is committed to building lasting relationship with customers, putting people first, and making positive impact on society at large. With more than 25,000 employees, BCA's vision is to be the bank of choice and a major pillar of the Indonesia economy.

For more information, please contact :

Corporate Secretariat Division – Corporate Communication Sub Division
Public Relations Bureau

Address : Jl. MH Thamrin No. 1
Menara BCA Grand Indonesia 20th Floor
Jakarta Pusat 10310
Phone : (021) 2358-8000
Fax : (021) 2358-8300
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