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16 Jul 2021

Intensively Performs Digital Transformation, BCA API Reaches 1 Billion Hits

Jakarta, 16 July 2021 – In line with technological developments in the digital era, digital transformation has become a demand and need for business people. As a banking institution that always supports the development of businessmen in Indonesia, PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) innovates to perform digital transformation, one of which is through an open banking strategy, which is in the form of Application Programming Interfaces (API). BCA API, which is the first mover in the national banking industry, continues to receive positive responses from customers and the public, especially from businesses using digital platforms such as online businesses, start-ups, and fintech. Since its launch in 2017, BCA API has penetrated more than 1 billion customer transaction hits.

Director of BCA John Kosasih said that an important pillar in BCA's digital transformation is the integration of banking service systems according to the needs of businessmen, especially BCA business customers. The integration of these systems forms a sustainable and mutually beneficial digital ecosystem.

“The endpoint of system integration through BCA API is excellent banking transaction services to all customers. We are grateful that BCA API continues to receive a positive response from customers and the public. This is of course a challenge for BCA to improve banking services to the public in the future,” said John Kosasih.

BCA API is a cash management solution that allows business customers to integrate their applications with the BCA banking system in a Host to Host and real time manner, so that business customers can perform various banking transactions more easily, quickly and safely. BCA API already has hundreds of features to meet various business needs, such as Balance Information, Descriptive Statement, Transfer, BCA Virtual Account, and various other features that can be searched through the portal.

BCA API is currently used by more than 2.500 business customers. There are many benefits that customers get by using BCA API, such as speed of reconciliation of payment receipt transactions and automation and simplification of business transaction processes. For example, if a customer processes thousands of transactions every day, it will be very difficult if the reconciliation is done manually. Besides being time-consuming, the manual reconciliation process also requires a lot of resources. BCA API can make the reconciliation process automatic.

Another benefit of the BCA API is that customers can find out the payments made by their buyers in seconds, so that the transaction process becomes much faster. This will certainly result in wider business opportunities and good customer experiences. In addition, customers can also make efficient use of their resources, so as to increase cost efficiency. Employees can also be transferred to other things that have a better impact on the company.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, BCA continues to seek systematic and strategic BCA API collaboration with several partners. This collaboration allows BCA customers to enjoy various conveniences, such as online registration for payment facilities via auto-debit. The online auto-debit registration process speeds up registration services to real time from previously 7 days, so customers don't have to visit the bank just to submit required documents.

On the other hand, BCA also implements API technology in the Indonesian capital market industry by supporting securities companies in online processing the Know Your Customer (KYC) of potential investors, for the process of opening a Customer Fund Account. With the BCA API, securities companies can verify investors who already have a BCA account through the BCA API in real time.

Business growth, experience, and customer satisfaction will motivate BCA to keep innovating and transforming, in line with the growing needs for digital banking services. “In the future, digital services will be more complex and become the spearhead for various purposes. We continue to innovate to create solutions that can improve BCA banking services to be easier, smoother, and safer for customers and the public,” John Kosasih concluded.


About PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (as of 31 March 2021)

BCA is one of the leading commercial banks in Indonesia with the core business of transaction banking. BCA also offers a full range of financial services in consumer, SME, commercial and corporate segments. As of March 2021, BCA has the privilege of serving more than 25 million customer accounts, processing around 41 million of daily transactions through a network of 1,244 branches; 17,634 ATMs as well as the 24-hour internet & mobile banking systems; supported by 24/7 Halo BCA contact center. BCA’s presence is complemented by a number of subsidiaries focusing on vehicle financing, sharia banking, securities, general and life insurance, digital bank, remittance as well as venture capital business. BCA is committed to building lasting relationship with customers, putting people first, and making positive impact on society at large. With more than 24,000 employees, BCA's vision is to be the bank of choice and a major pillar of the Indonesia economy.

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