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25 Apr 2021

Behold Six Exotic Holiday Village Experiences

Jakarta, 25 April 2021 – The pandemic has shifted trends in tourism as travelers now focus on nature and outdoor destinations. As the world’s largest archipelago, Indonesia has an abundance of natural wonders and responds favorably to the said changing trend, especially those in rural areas by adjusting to nature-based tourism while adhering to health and safety protocols. Such steps are necessary to ensure comfort and safety of visitors when visiting the destination.

In an effort to stimulate tourism recovery in  Indonesia, PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) organizes an Instagram talk show called LDR “Lihat Dari Rumah” (loosely translates to “Watch from Home”) on @GoodLifeBCA Instagram page and Solusi BCA YouTube  channel, attended by President Director of BCA Jahja Setiaatmadja and Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno and Indy Barends on Sunday (25/04).

President Director of PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) Jahja Setiaatmadja said that the trend of tourism to rural areas is very much in line with BCA’s commitment to supporting the development of local community-based tourism in rural areas. To date, BCA has developed 12 tourism villages spread across the archipelago. These villages are a combination of natural, socio-cultural, local resources, and the latest technological development to advance the local community’s economy.

You can have exotic rural-tourism experiences. What can one experience when visiting exotic tourism villages, such as the 12 BCA Tourism Villages? Check out the following reviews:

Getting Acquainted with Local Culture

Now is the time to go domestic, getting acquainted with local destinations known for its rich and unique culture, traditions, language and natural beauty. Visit cultural sites and, if necessary, participate in the well-preserved cultural rituals. All can be done at Wukirsari Village, a wayang tourism assisted village. You are invited to bite into exploration of diverse local culture by learning how to carve and colour wayang puppets.

Eating Local

For the culinary aficionado, pamper yourself with a wide array of iconic cuisines, which varies greatly by region. You will be immersed in a flavor-filled journey, exploring the sense of taste that gives a richer experience – from sweet, sour, spicy, and slightly towards bitter taste. Find the best flavors from Aik Rusa Barehun assisted village through a culinary tradition called Bedulang. It is a way of eating together from a round tray called a dulang, serving assorted local delicacies of Belitung.

Honing Skills in Local Craftmanship

Tourism villages have numerous advantages, one of which is handicrafts. Enjoy a culturally rich vacation in the village making batik, weaving, sculptures, ploughing fields, planting rice, or playing gamelan or wayang (shadow puppets), learning traditional dances, coffee processing, and many more. All these educational activities can be found at Pentingsari assisted village that offers ploughing activity, and Gemah Sumilir with its batik making program.

Nostalgia Remedy

If you grow weary of your hometown and long for a change of scenery without compromising its rurality, a tourism village is the best option to make up for it. In a different setting, the Traditional Settlement of Sijungjung and Nagari Sigolek offer an experience of nature and traditional cultures.

The luxury of fresh air

The fresh and clean air becomes a luxury, especially for people from urban cities. A confluence of beautiful scenery and pristine nature in the country will indeed become a remedy for boredom and weariness. Breathe in the fresh air in Bukit Peramun, a hill village that offers beautiful scenery and lush green trees.

Become an economic hero

Executive Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility of BCA Inge Setiawati asserted that visitors will never regret if they visit tourism villages that are part of the BCA’s assisted village program. You can create interesting and unforgettable experiences with your friends and family at BCA’s assisted villages. You will also become an economic hero for the local communities. By visiting and staying at these villages, you help advance local economies. Furthermore, Inge also calls for the public to shop for locally made products from each village.

In the middle of the session, Sandiaga Uno also said that “There are three aspects that a tourism village must uphold, namely economy, environment, and society. It is time for us to accelerate tourism by moving fast and moving forward together.” Sandi also appreciates BCA’s continuous assistance for tourism villages during the pandemic.

As is known, BCA has developed and assisted 12 Tourism Villages, namely Wirawisata Goa Pindul, Pentingsari Tourism Village, and Wukirsari Wayang Village in Yogyakarta, Tamansari Tourism Village in Banyuwangi, Doesoen Kopi Sirap in Semarang, Gemah Sumilir Batik Village in Pekalongan; Bukit Peramun and Aik Rusa Berehun, Gunong Lumut in Belitung, Traditional Settlement of Sijunjung; Nagari Silokek in West Sumatra, and Pucak Tinggan Tourism Village in Bali.

To learn more about BCA Assisted Villages, please follow our interactive talk show aired on Instagram @goodlifebca, SolusiBCA Youtube channel, Facebook page GoodLife BCA, Twitter @GoodLifeBCA.(*) 

LDR “Lihat Dari Rumah” Talk Show – President Director of BCA Jahja Setiaatmadja (third left) with the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno (fourth left) and Indy Barends (second left) during the talk show“Lihat Dari Rumah” on Sunday (25/04). Through this activity, BCA invites the public to get closer and learn more about its assisted tourism villages, which offer diverse cultural exoticism.



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BCA Tourism Village

  • BCA is working alongside local communities to create business and job opportunities in 12 tourism villages throughout Indonesia
  • BCA provides assistance to related communities and destinations, including the provision of transport services for tourists, and throughout the pandemic, BCA has also provided hand washing facilities, thermometers, face masks and shields.
  • BCA has 12 Tourism Villages:

1. Yogyakarta

Wirawisata Goa Pindul

Tourism potential: a cave that spans 350 meters and 5 meter wide, with an underground river flows underneath.

Pentingsari Tourism Village

Tourism potential: Dewi Peri covers nature, cultural, and agriculture tourism. Tourists can also stay with the locals in the countryside.

Wukirsari Wayang Tourism Village

Tourism Potential: The village is known for tatah sungging (leather craft), used in the making of shadow puppets and other crafts. This village also provides cultural education for the youth in preserving traditional wayang.

2. Banyuwangi

Tamansari Tourism Village

Tourism Potential: natural tourism with vast richness of flora and fauna. It offers the rural life with its agriculture and coffee, corn, clove, and cocoa farming culture. The village is also known for its local cultural show featuring the Gandrung Dance.

3. Pekalongan

Gemah Sumilir Batik Village

Tourism Potential: one of batik centers that offer batik education and research facilities.

4. Belitung

Gunong Lumut

Tourism Potential: its wealth of flora spread over 42,000 hectares, with the highest peak at 1,210 mdpl. At 70 meters below the peak, there is an expanse of moss in various shapes and types covering the surface of the ground, rocks, and trees.

Bukit Peramun

Bukit Peramun has been developed into several points for taking pictures, including hobbit houses, love bridges, twin rocks, and flying cars. It is also known as a digital-based village with a QR Code systems as a virtual guide providing information on the types and benefits of the plants.

Aik Rusa ‘Berehun

It offers Belitung art and cultural tour packages such as bedulang, a unique local tradition of eating together from a tray, serving assorted local delicacies of Belitung. Bedulang tradition is a way to strengthen togetherness and bond with those you hold dearly.

5. West Sumatera

Traditional Settlement of Sijunjung

Tourism Potential: maintains and preserves the Rumah Gadang and the Minangkabau culture.

Nagari Silokek

Tourism Potential: It is a national geopark that offers exotic panoramas, geological heritage, and a diversity of flora and fauna.

6. Bali

Pucak Tinggan Tourism Village

Tourism Potential: known for its Hindu religious tourist attractions including the Kharisma Pira Pucak Mangu and the natural beauty potential.

7. Semarang

Doesoen Kopi Sirap

Tourism Potential: known for having tens of hectares of land for growing coffee. Here, visitors can gain knowledge about the cultivation, processing, and serving of coffee while enjoying the natural beauty.

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