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16 Mar 2020

MSMEs as Indonesia’s Economic Driver, BCA Holds Basic Coaching for Batik Lamongan MSMEs

Lamongan, 16 March 2020 – Understanding that Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) play an important role in Indonesia’s economy, PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) through the Bakti BCA program has consistently contributed to MSME empowerment in Indonesia. This time, BCA collaborated with a Batik Maker, Mustar Sidiq, to organize a Basic Coaching for Batik MSMEs in Lamongan to improve capable and independent human resources in fostering local MSME growth.

Attending at the opening ceremony of the program was Didi Edisurya Head of KCU BCA Gresik with Fadeli Regent of Lamongan, Kartika Hidayati Deputy Regent, Yuhronur Efendi Regional Secretary, Faiz Junaidi Head of the Regional Development Planning Board (Bappeda), Agus Suyanto Head of Cooperative and Micro Business Office, Zamroni Head of Industry and Trade Office, Hamdani Azahari Head of Labor Office, Kamil Head of Social Affairs Office in Lamongan Regency (16/3. The event was followed by 15 MSME businesses in Lamongan. 

Didi Edisurya said that batik is one of Indonesia’s heritage that has been recognized by UNESCO, including batik Lamongan with its distinctive motifs. Therefore, BCA believes that Batik MSMEs from Lamongan should be optimized by fostering business actors as leading agents in promoting batik as of one of local economy drivers through MSMEs.

“Over the past few years, MSMEs have become one of the pillars of Indonesia’s economy. This shows the importance of MSMEs sustained presence with healthy condition for business, including various MSMEs in Lamongan known for their batik production that they have a designated batik village of their own. On the other hand, the increasingly massive technological development is a challenge for MSME players. There is a need for adaptive and creative innovation in their line of business that this coaching program becomes essential for the MSME players in the face of industrial revolution 4.0,” added Didi.

The series of Batik SMEs coaching program in Lamongan includes a variety of activities, such as training to provide consultative and simple financial management, as well as training on how to develop markets, quality control, website, and lastly, the introduction of banking products and services. On the other hand, the participants will learn about banking products that support smooth business operation such as EDC, savings, digital banking features, etc.

As a company founded and grow in Indonesia, BCA takes numerous ways to sustain Batik existence by supporting a movie called MUDANI BATIK, which thoroughly examines the techniques used in written batik and complete formula for batik coloring as a guide for batik business especially for beginners, so as to help society at large to further understand and learn about written batik technique.

“Through the coaching program, BCA hopes to provide value added to Batik MSMEs in Lamongan that they can develop their business with quality services and products,” Didi concluded.

BCA Holds Basic Batik Training for Written Batik MSMEs in Lamongan – Head of KCU BCA Gresik Didi Edisurya (left) and Head of Labor Office of Lamongan Regency Hamdani Azhari (right) exchanged souvenirs at the opening of Basic Batik Training for Written Batik MSMEs, held by BCa throught the Bakti BCA program in Lamongan, Monday (16/3). The training was followed by 15 local MSMEs and aimed at preparing reliable MSMEs staff and promoting Lamongan written batik that is adapted to nowadays taste. Participants learned about banking products that that support smooth business operation such as EDC, savings, digital banking features, etc.


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