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08 Feb 2021

Sustaining solid financial performance throughout the pandemic

Jakarta, 8 February 2021 – PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (IDX: BBCA) is committed to support sustainable economic recovery and to strengthen its digital ecosystem while offering financial solutions to meet customer needs. In line with this commitment, average total loans increased by 4.7% YoY and business loan facilities increased by 5% YoY. However, slower business activities have led to lower loan utilization rate which caused a decline in BCA's loan balance by 2.1% YoY to Rp575.6 trillion in December 2020. Overall, consolidated loans was Rp588.7 trillion or lower by 2.5% YoY. Despite various challenges, BCA and its subsidiaries was able to record a positive growth in pre-provisioning operating profit (PPOP) of 11.2% YoY to Rp45.4 trillion, on the back of solid liquidity, lower cost of fund, and lower spending. Meanwhile, net profit fell 5.0% YoY to Rp27.1 trillion, due to higher provision costs to anticipate potential deterioration in asset quality.

On the lending side, corporate loans increased 7.7% YoY to Rp255.1 trillion, reflecting BCA’s initiative to support national economy growth in the midst of pandemic. Meanwhile, commercial and SME loans decreased 7.9% YoY to Rp186.8 trillion. In consumer lending, mortgages declined 3.7% YoY to Rp90.2 trillion, auto loans decreased 22.6% YoY to Rp36.9 trillion, and credit card outstanding balance fell by 20.6% YoY to Rp11.2 trillion. In total, consumer loans declined 10.8% YoY to Rp141.2 trillion. Decline in consumer loan was due to higher loan repayment compared to new booking. From the total loan portfolio, about 21.6% or Rp127.2 trillion was linked to sustainable financing as we embrace the importance of ESG.

“We appreciate regulator’s prompt responses of restructuring policy relaxation to support banks and customers while going through the difficult times. We go side by side with our valued customers throughout these economic challenges, by offering loan restructuring since the start of pandemic. As the end of December 2020, BCA booked Rp104.2 trillion of restructured loans or approximately 18% of total loans which came from about 100,000 customers.” said President Director of PT Bank Central Asia Tbk, Mr. Jahja Setiaatmadja.

On the funding side, we are pleased to report a healthy performance on third-party fund. Current account and savings account (CASA) rose 21.0% YoY to Rp643.9 trillion, meanwhile time deposits grew 14.0% YoY to reach Rp196.9 trillion. In total, third-party fund increased 19.3% YoY to Rp840.8 trillion for the year 2020. Along with continued growth in third-party fund, the year 2020 has been a historical year for BCA as its total assets hit a record high exceeding one thousand trillion mark at Rp1,075.6 trillion or rose 17.0% YoY. 

Growth in third-party fund is inseparable from BCA’s high customer trust and strong transaction banking platform that generates sticky CASA funds as the Bank’s core funding. CASA accounted for 76.6% of total third party funds. Expanding customer base and relentless development of digital solutions are amongst BCA’s focus in strengthening its transaction banking franchise. The number of transactions on mobile and internet channels continued to grow strongly at 50.7% YoY. In 2020, BCA processed an average of more than 30 million daily transactions, up 18.3% from 2019.

Liquidity growth has enabled the Bank to generate higher interest income from treasury assets, compensating the decline in loan yield and lower outstanding loans. At the same time alongside with declining trend of BI benchmark rate, BCA has been able to lower interest rates of deposit products which resulted in lower interest expense. Therefore, BCA maintained a positive growth in net interest income of 7.3% YoY to Rp54.5 trillion. Non-interest income came in at Rp20.2 trillion, a slight decrease of 0.5% YoY. In total, operating income was recorded at Rp74.8 trillion, an increase of 5.1% YoY. Operating expenses amounted to Rp29.3 trillion, 3.1% lower YoY, mostly owing to the delay of some operating expenses due to the pandemic. As a result, PPOP increased 11.2% to Rp45.4 trillion in 2020, provided ample buffer to cover required loan provision expense. BCA booked Rp11.6 trillion of provision expense, a 152.3% rise YoY. Overall, net income was recorded at Rp27.1 trillion, decreased 5.0%, compared to last year’s net profit of Rp28.6 trillion.

Despite all challenges, financial ratios remained solid with CAR ratio of 25.8%, well above the regulatory requirement, and healthy LDR ratio of 65.8%. NPL was retained at tolerable level of 1.8% compared to 1.3% in 2019, supported by relaxation on restructuring policy. Normalizing the restructured loans will be one of the Bank’s focus in 2021. Return on Assets (ROA) was posted at 3.3% and Return on Equity (ROE) at 16.5% for 2020.

“The circumstances in 2020 proved beyond all doubts the importance of developing digital platforms as part of the BCA’s strategy. Thus, BCA is uniquely prepared for the conditions presented by the Covid-19 pandemic and the impacts on social and mobility restrictions. Transaction banking, the Bank’s core business line, gained even more traction from customers and other stakeholders. We learn new insights and obtain experiences along the way to better serve our customers.” said Mr. Jahja Setiaatmadja.

Since the pandemic emerged, BCA has taken a series of initiatives to protect our employees and customers from COVID-19 outbreak. These initiatives include routine ozone disinfection, enforcing disciplined health protocol, supporting Government’s work-from-home policy, split operation, installment of hand sanitation outlets, conducting COVID-19 self-risk assessment for employees and visitors, and held educational virtual meetings for employees. BCA’s CSR programs through ‘Bakti BCA’ provides social supports, health-care donations, and community basic needs aids. BCA always embraces the value to be responsible corporate citizen.


About PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (as of 31 December 2020)

BCA is one of the leading commercial banks in Indonesia with the core business of transaction banking. BCA also offers a full range of financial services in consumer, SME, commercial and corporate segments. As of December 2020, BCA has the privilege of serving 25 million customer accounts, processing around 32 million of daily transactions through a network of 1,248 branches; 17,623 ATMs as well as the 24-hour internet & mobile banking systems; supported by 24/7 Halo BCA contact center. BCA’s presence is complemented by a number of subsidiaries focusing on vehicle financing, sharia banking, securities, general and life insurance, digital bank, remittance as well as venture capital business. BCA is committed to building lasting relationship with customers, putting people first, and making positive impact on society at large. With more than 24,000 employees, BCA's vision is to be the bank of choice and a major pillar of the Indonesia economy.

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