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19 Nov 2020

Calling for the Public to Take Virtual Walks, BCA Introduces Assisted Villages in Belitung

Jakarta, 19 November 2020 – Domestic tourism in Indonesia has its own unique charm that leaves a deep impression in many. As we all know, Indonesia holds a lot of natural and cultural tourism potentials. Amid the pandemic restrictions, PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) through the Bakti BCA program presents a regular Live Instagram Talkshow program “Holiday from Home”, calling for the Indonesian public to see the beauty of BCA-assisted villages scattered throughout the country. 

Entering its third episode, this time the program is taking the Indonesian public to BCA-assisted villages in Belitung. This time the talk show presents Executive Vice President of CSR of BCA Inge Setiawati and travel blogger Febrian as keynote speaker on Thursday (19/11). This episode is special because there is a special interview with the President Director of BCA Jahja Setiaatmadja, Deputy President Director of BCA Armand Hartono and Director of Finance of BCA Vera Eve Lim. This is a regular live talk show held on Instagram @goodlifebca and Youtube channel SolusiBCA every Thursday at 19.00 – 20.00 WIB. Not only that, this program is also broadcasted on Instagram account @_febrian, Facebook GoodLife BCA and Twitter account @GoodLifeBCA.

“Our commitment to host a virtual tour “Holiday from Home has entered its third episode. BCA is also pleased to have the privilege to entertain and broaden the public reference about must-visit tourism villages. This time, BCA brings the public to its assisted villages in Belitung, namely Peramun Hill and Aik Rusa’ Berehun. Bukit Peramun itself had successfully attracted 12,397 tourists in 2019, and 1,540 tourists to Aik Rusa’ Barehun,” ujar Inge

“Peramun Hill offers a spectacular view and is tourist-friendly, where visitors can see inspiring guide at the ticket window that offers insider information on the attraction. The trees here also have already been labeled, containing QR codes, which by means of smart-phone technology allow tourists access to more detailed information about the trees. Offering an experience of visiting a digital forest. So, when the pandemic is over, I think t Peramun Hill is worth a visit,” said Jahja.

Peramun Hill is located at an altitude of 129 masl in West Belitung. It is a house of abundant diversity of flora and fauna and is famously known for the medicinal plants. The name Peramun itself comes from the many medicinal plants that are widely used in traditional medicine practices by the locals. Not only that, the park also offers instagrammable spots for tourists, among others, the hobbit house, flying car, love bridge, and the twin rocks. The village has also been dubbed as digital-based forest due to its success in introducing several digital applications to advertise its rich and varied plant and animal life as well as bilingual virtual guides (available in Indonesian and English).

Meanwhile, Aik Rusa’ Berehun is a BCA-assisted village that is known as creative village due to its success to transform an abandoned strip mine into a tourist destination. Here, the village offers a number of educational packages, including learning Belitung traditional dance, playing gambus (a string instrument), weaving and camping painting. Visitors can also learn how to cook local signature delicacy such as Gangan and try the Bedulang tradition.

BCA continues to pursue the development of its assisted villages despite the pandemic. Through digital services, BCA provides guidance in the form of training for the administrators of assisted villages. Currently, BCA has 12 assisted villages spread across Indonesia, where three of them located in Belitung, namely Peramun Hill, Aik Rusa Berehun Tourism Village, and Gunong Lumut Village. While the other nine assisted villages are Gemah Sumilir Batik Village; Doesoen Kopi Sirap; Tamansari Tourism Village; Pucak Tinggan Tourism Village; the Traditional Settlement of Sijunjung and Nagari Silokek, WirawisataGoa Pindul, Pentingsari Tourism Village, and Wukirsari Wayang Village.

“BCA-assisted villages are ready to welcome visitors in the upcoming new normal. The “Holiday from Home” Live Instagram Talkshow is expected to encourage public interest in visiting these places. We also hope that it can also drive the Indonesian economy through tourism sector,” Inge concluded.

BCA Introduces Assisted Villages through “Holiday from Home” Talkshow Program – Executive Vice President of CSR of BCA Inge Setiawati (left) and Travel Blogger Febrian (right) in a virtual talk during the “Holiday from Home” on Thursday (19/11). BCA brings the innovation of inviting the Indonesian people to take a virtual vacation to BCA assisted villages spread across Indonesia through the Live Instagram Talkshow program “Holiday from Home. In the third episode, viewers were taken to explore the beauty of Peramun Hill tourism village & Aik Rusa Berehun di Belitung.


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