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24 Feb 2020

BCA Organizes Team Building for Wirawisata Goa Pindul

Yogyakarta, 24 February 2020  PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) has once again realized the Bakti BCA program through the Superior Business Solution pillar. This time, BCA encourages the development of the capacity of human resources (HR), which will be attended by all employees of Wirawisata Goa Pindul at Sundeck Beach, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. 

The training that has been developed include Service Excellence, Service Standardization, Website 4.0 Training, and a special service standard training for tour guides. Human Resources development starts from 24-25 February 2020. Bakti BCA also contributes to providing directions and information boards about Goa Pindul to increase the knowledge of visiting tourists.

Vice President of CSR of BCA, Ira Bachtar, said, “The training aims to further strengthen teamwork and solidarity among employees at the Wirawisata Goa Pindul, as well as develop ideas for a better Wirawisata Goa Pindul to achieve progress.” 

In addition to being one of the Bakti BCA’s assisted villages, Wirawisata Goa Pindul is also endowed with rich natural potential and good tourist attractions that attract tourists every year. The Bakti BCA always brings greater benefits for the people and will always encourage and assist the Wirawisata Goa Pindul to further maximize its potential as one of the leading destinations in Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta. 

Ira also added, in addition to improving the quality of its human resources, with such internal development, BCA also hopes to encourage all wirawisata (a youth-driven tourism village) to continue to work and fairly compete with other operators. 

Until now, BCA has 12 assisted villages and communities spread throughout the country besides Wirawisata Goa Pindul, namely Pentingsari Sleman Tourism Village, Wukirsari Bantul Wayang Tourism, Batik Village Gemah Sumilir Pekalongan, Doesoen Kopi Sirap Ungaran Semarang Regency, Tamansari Banyuwangi Tourism Village, Pucak Tinggan Bali Tourism Village, Bukit Peramun Belitung Barat Tourism Village, Aik Rusa Berehun Terong Attraction in West Belitung Barat, Gunong Lumut East Belitung and Traditional Village of Sijunjung and Nagari Silokek West Sumatra. 

For its commitment in social projects, BCA won the CECT Sustainability Awards 2019 for CSR Core Subject based on ISO 26000: “Consumer Issues” and Overall Sustainability Performance: “Finance Industry” in November 2019. 

“Human resource is one of the keys to BCA success. Therefore, we continually apply our values of success in all of our assisted villages,” Ira concluded. 

Team Building for Wirawisata Goa Pindul – Vice President CSR of BCA Ira Bachtar (third right) with the participants after Team Building training for Wirawisata Goa Pindul in Yogyakarta, Monday (24/02). The training was held with the aim of increasing the capacity of human resources (HR) of all employees of Wirawisata Goa Pindul. Besides the Team Building training, the Bakti BCA’s CSR has also organized other trainings such as Service Excellence, Service Standardization, Website 4.0 Training, and a special service standard training for tour guides

The participants of Wirawisata Goa Pindul Team Building training during training activities held in Sundeck Beach, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta on Monday (24/02). The training was held for two consecutive days from 24-25 February 2020.


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