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Outward Remittance

Faster, easier, and safer foreign exchange transfers

Why Outward Remittance?

>100 Currencies

Remittance BCA offers 16 main foreign currencies: AUD, CAD, CHF, CNH, DKK, EUR, GBP, HKD, JPY, MYR, NZD, SAR, SEK, SGD, USD, and THB

Value Today

The fund transferred will be received on the same day by the Beneficiary Bank

Full Amount

The fund transferred can be received in full amount (no additional deduction fee)

Outward Remittance

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Outward Remittance

Value Today

For Value Today (same-day) transactions, please be aware of the cut-off time for each currency:


Cut-Off Time Value Today











IDR to Thailand, Malaysia, and Japan



  • For AUD Today transferred to our Correspondent Beneficiary Bank in Australia, cut-off time is at 13.00 for value today.
  • List of Correspondent Beneficiary Bank:
    1. ANZ Bank
    2. Commonwealth Bank
  • For e-Branch value today service transaction still can be processed at the cut-off time of 30 minutes prior to BCA Branch’s.

Bank Indonesia: SiMoDIS

According to Bank Indonesia Regulation Number 22/21/PBI/2020 regarding Export Proceeds (DHE) and Import Payment Foreign Exchange (DPI), exporter and importer are required to inform the purpose code, invoice number, and the paid amount of invoice through Branch or internet banking in the “Message/Remarks” field according to the format from Bank Indonesia during settlement.

SiMoDIS format in the Message Field using purpose code:

  • 2012//InvoiceNumber(PaidAmountOfInvoice) for import
  • 1011// InvoiceNumber(PaidAmountOfInvoice) for export

Get the complete information about Bank Indonesia: SiMoDis here.

For transactions carried out via internet banking, if there are not enough SiMoDIS invoices to be included in the “Message/Remarks” field then the customer needs to send invoices that have not been included (follow-up invoices) to HaloBCA via email with the subject SiMoDIS.

The information that needs to be included in the customer’s email is as follows:

  • PPU Number
  • Transaction Date
  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Nominal
  • Currency Type (Today / Non Today)

Bank of Indonesia Regulation: Underlying Document

In accordance with the provisions of Bank Indonesia Regulations Number 24/7/PBI/2022 regarding Transactions in the Foreign Exchange Market, Regulation of Member of the Board of Governors Number 24/10/PADG/2022 regarding Regulations for Implementation of Transactions in the Foreign Exchange Market, Bank Indonesia Regulation Number 17/03/PBI/2015 regarding Mandatory Use of Rupiah within the Unified State of the Republic of Indonesia, and Regulation of Member of the Board of Governors Number 21/28/PADG/2019 regarding Monitoring of Foreign Exchange Flow Activities by Banks and Customers, in this regard, we inform the customers of the provisions of the underlying documents and supporting documents for foreign exchange transactions as follows:

  • For our valued customer who uses source fund in Rupiah for our Outward Remittance transaction, customer is required to complete the Form of Foreign Currency Purchase Statement. If the accumulated foreign currency purchase in a month has reached the threshold of above equivalent USD 100,000, customer is required to provide underlying document following to the applicable regulation.
  • For our valued customer who uses source of fund in Foreign Currency and the amount of each transaction is equivalent to threshold of USD 100,000, customer is required to provide underlying document following to the applicable regulation.

Foreign Currency Transfer Guidelines

Get the guidelines for foreign currency transfer via e-Channel as follows:

Other Requirement

Clearing Code and Other Requirement
No. Countries Code Type Description




ABA Routing Number
(Wire Transfer)







BSB Number


BSB Number information can be appended in Messages column at the transaction input page


(6 characters)






Detailed Information "Travel Rule Regulation"


• Detail information of account number, full name, and complete address and receiver information
• Address must include the information street name and number
• Transit number (9 digit) is required




Chilean Tax ID (RUT)


• Format: alphanumeric (min. 7 digit, max. 9 digit)
• Outward Remittance to Chile in Chilean Peso (CLP)






Detailed Address


  • Detailed information of Beneficiary/Receiver (including City and Province) alongside with a reachable receiver’s phone number.
  • Detailed information of receiver bank address is optional




Brazil, Europe, and Middle East




• IBAN Number information is appended into receiver account number






IFSC Code dan POP Code


  • BIC Code of Receiver Bank is required
  • IFSC Code Number & POP Code (purpose of payment) is mandatory to be appended in Messages colomn at the transaction input page
  • Format: POP Prefix - Transaction Purpose, 12 Digit BIN, 10 Characters EKNP. e.g POP Salary, BIN 123456789112, EKNP XXYYKZTZZZ






Purpose of Payment (POP) Code, Business Identification Number (BIN), Payment details (EKNP), and IBAN


• POP Code Information, BIN, and EKNP is appended in order in Messages coloumn at the transaction input page





CLABE Number


CLABE Number information is appended into receiver account number


(18 characters)






VO Code or Purpose of Payment Code


• VO Code or Purpose of Payment Code is appended in Message coloumn at the transaction input page

• Format: VO + 5 digit angka. e.g VO12345


Hacker Awareness

Get complete information about how to deal with fraud via email here.

Fees & Limits

Outward Remittance

To accommodate its customer’s needs, BCA provides competitive limits and fees for each product and service. View the limits and fees for Transfer of Funds.



Outward Remittance in Foreign Currency

Telex fees

· Through branch

IDR 50.000

· Through e-channel

IDR 35.000

In Lieu of Exchange (source of fund in same currency, except IDR)

· In THB and MYR

USD 5 (eq.)

· Other currencies except IDR

0.125% x Transfer Amount min USD 5 (eq.) – max USD 150 (eq.)

· In bank notes

0.25% - 2% x Transfer Amount min USD 10 (eq.)

Full amount fees

USD 25 (eq.)**)

· CNY to Tiongkok

USD 10 (eq.)

· HKD to all countries

HKD 300 (eq.)

Value today fee

IDR 30.000

Outward Remittance in Rupiah***)

Telex fee

IDR 50.000

BCA Full Payment

Full amount fee

USD 10 (eq.)

In lieu of exchange

USD 5 (eq.)


Full amount fee

USD 20 (eq.)

Outward Clean Collection

Cheque in foreign currency (min. amount USD 100 (eq.))

USD 30 (eq.)****)

Return of cheque (per item)

USD 10 (eq.) 


*) The in Lieu Provision fee of banknotes source of fund shall follow the applicable terms and conditions relating to currency, denomination, and condition of the banknotes.

**) Full amount fees for other currencies can be viewed in each product information.

***) OR transaction in Rupiah is only valid for LCS transaction.

****) Specifically for BCA Batam Office, transaction fee for the collection of clearing account letter in SGD in SGD 30.



Investigation requested within 3 months after transaction date*)

IDR 150.000

Investigation requested within more than 3 months after transaction date*)

IDR 500.000

Inward Remittance in foreign currency **)

USD 20

Inward Remittance in IDR

IDR 50.000

SiMoDIS information adjustment (MT 199 Koreksi dan Modul Bank)       

IDR 50.000


*) OR transactions include inquiry, amendment, cancellation, and MT103 request, meanwhile IR transaction includes MT103 request.

**) Including inquiry, amendment, rejection, and cancellation.

Effective as of 10 Agustus 2023

Outward Remittance

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