Reward BCA

Get more value with Reward BCA

Reward BCA Benefits


Get Rupiah rewards for every transaction using BCA Credit Card at Reward BCA merchants

Valid for All

Primary and supplementary cardholders are eligible for the transactions

No Redeem Limit

Redeemable up to 100% without expiry date and limit

Reward BCA

Reward BCA

Get Reward BCA for every transaction with BCA Credit Card anytime, including overseas. Redeem with various items needed at Reward BCA Merchants.

How to get Reward BCA:

BCA Card Type Earning Rate Description
BCA Everyday Card & BCA Card Platinum 0.5%

Amount of transaction: IDR 500,000

Reward BCA: 0.5% x IDR 500,000 = IDR 2,500

Visa/ Master/ JCB/ Other BCA Card 0.2%

Amount of transaction: IDR 500,000

Reward BCA: 0.2% x IDR 500,000 = IDR 1,000

How to Check Balance:

  • Click Here
  • VIRA
  • BCA Mobile: m-info & Info Reward BCA
  • SMS: Type Reward [space] BCA Card Number Sent to 69888

How to Redeem:

  • Merchants
  • HALO BCA for redeem to Airlines Mileage Point
  • E-commerce/ partner loyalty dan annual fee
Partner Reward/miles (points) Reward (IDR) Redemption limit
GarudaMiles IDR 19,800/100 miles IDR 19,800 IDR 19,800

IDR 15,000/100 miles

IDR 15,000 IDR 15,000
  IDR 8,000/100 points IDR 8,000 IDR 8,000
GetPlus IDR 10,000/10.000 points IDR 1,000 IDR 10,000

Transactions that do not receive Reward BCA :

  • Cash advance
  • Credit card fees
  • Instant Cash BCA
Shopping with more efficient at merchant
List of Reward BCA redemption merchants
Click Here
Redeem your Reward BCA
Redeem your Reward BCA to selected Miles or Points by Call Halo BCA 1500888
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