Branch reservation made easy

Benefit eBranch

Connected Mobile Form

With integrated system across all BCA branches, transactions can be carried out at any branch

Service Time Reservation

Skip the queueing by selecting the desired branch, day, and time to schedule the transaction


View the entire transaction history in the app or in a personal e-mail



Application for mobile online form filling and transaction reservation services at branches.


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Save Image Feature
Save reference number directly in the mobile phone gallery, making it easier to show references without entering the BCA eBranch account first
Notification Reminder
The notification reminder feature reminds you of every transaction that must be done
Profile page to see your personal data and summary of your transactions
Ease of uploading profiles, changing personal data and application PIN
Halo BCA
Need our assistance? Contact HaloBCA directly from the application

Important Information


  • eBranch BCA atau Aplikasi adalah aplikasi yang dapat diunduholeh Pengguna dari gawai (gadget) untuk melakukan pengisian Mobile Form dan/atau Reservasi sebelum bertransaksi di cabang.
  • Pengguna adalah setiap orang yang menggunakan Aplikasi.
  • E-mail Pengguna adalah alamat e-mail yang di-input Pengguna pada Aplikasi.
  • PIN (Personal Identification Number) Aplikasiadalah nomor identifikasi pribadi yang ditentukan sendiri oleh Pengguna yang melakukan registrasi Aplikasi dan wajib dimasukkan setiap kali Pengguna masuk ke dalam Aplikasi.
  • Link Aktivasi adalah link untuk mengaktifkan akun Pengguna pada Aplikasi yang dikirimkan ke E-mail Pengguna oleh BCA setelah proses registrasi Aplikasi berhasil dan berlaku selama 24 (dua puluh empat) jam sejak Pengguna melakukan registrasi.
  • Link Lupa PIN Aplikasi adalah link untuk pengaturan ulang PINAplikasi yang dikirimkan ke alamat E-mail Pengguna bagi Pengguna yang lupa PIN Aplikasi dan berlaku selama 24 (dua puluh empat) jam sejak Pengguna melakukan pengaturan ulang PIN Aplikasi.
  • Mobile Form adalah formulir elektronik pada Aplikasi yang diisi oleh Pengguna untuk bertransaksi di cabang dan/atau fasilitas BCA sesuai dengan ketentuan yang berlaku di BCA.
  • Nomor Referensi adalah nomor pengenal Transaksi yang terbentuk secara otomatis dan diterima Pengguna setiap kali selesai melakukan pengisian Mobile Form.
  • Reservasi adalah fitur yang tersedia pada Aplikasi yang memungkinkan Pengguna untuk melakukan pemesanan janji temu dengan petugas BCA pada waktu dan tempat yang ditentukan Pengguna.
  • Check-in adalah tindakan Pengguna memasukkan Nomor Referensi pada kiosk antrian BCA.
  • Transaksi adalah transaksi finansial atau non finansial yang dilakukan oleh Pengguna di cabang dan/atau fasilitas BCA sebagai tindak lanjut atas pengisian Mobile Form pada Aplikasi.
  • Bukti Transaksi adalah bukti yang diterbitkan BCA yang menerangkan bahwa Transaksi yang dilakukan Pengguna telah berhasil dilakukan.
  • Finger ID adalah tanda pengenal yang berupa sidik jari yang didaftarkan Pengguna di gawai (gadget) dan merupakan sarana otentikasi Pengguna.

Terms of Use

  • Users are required to ensure that User e-mails input into the Application belong to the User
  • Users are required to maintain the confidentiality of the Application PIN and are fully responsible for any misuse of User e-mails and Application PINs
  • Change the Application PIN can be done by accessing the Profile menu or the Forgot Application PIN Link
  • User e-mail that has been registered and activated cannot be registered again
  • Users can register more than 1 (one) User e-mail to use the Application
  • Users are required to ensure the data validity entered on the Mobile Form. Users are responsible for all consequences arising from filling in the data on the Mobile Form. Users hereby release BCA from all kinds of claims, lawsuits and / or other legal actions from any party
  • Users are required to enter the required data (mandatory data) on the Mobile Form to get a Reference Number
  • After entering the transaction data on the Mobile Form, the User is still required to come to the BCA branch and / or access BCA facilities for the purpose of completing the Transaction by informing the Reference Number and showing other documents in accordance with the applicable provisions in BCA
  • The Reference Number can only be used by the User within 90 (ninety) calendar days since the User receives the Reference Number
  • Data related to the eBranch BCA application will be stored by BCA in accordance with applicable retention provisions
  • Users are required to upgrade the Application at the request of BCA
  • User negligence in upgrading the Application results in the User being unable to use the Application or only being able to access certain features in the Application
  • Users can cancel or delete the Mobile Form filling as long as the Transaction has not been completed at BCA
  • Users who already have an Application account can view information and records related to Mobile Forms and / or Transactions on the Transaction Summary menu
  • Data that can be seen on the Transaction Summary menu is only 30 (thirty) Transaction data within a maximum period of the last 3 (three) months
  • With certain considerations, BCA has the right to refuse to process the completion of the Mobile Form according to the applicable provisions
  • The use of Finger ID can only be done on devices (gadgets) that have a fingerprint feature with the following conditions:
    1. If the User has activated the fingerprint feature on the device (gadget), the Application will display a notification so that the User activates the Finger ID login feature. The Finger ID feature will be active the next time the User logs in to the Application
    2. If the User has not activated the fingerprint feature on the device (gadget), then the User must activate the fingerprint feature on the device (gadget) and have at least 1 (one) Finger ID registered on the device (gadget).
    3. User is obliged to check and ensure that only User Finger ID is registered / recorded on User's gadget
  • The user is fully responsible for all consequences that arise in connection with the user's error / negligence in using the application with the fingerprint feature including but not limited to the user's negligence in ensuring that only the User's Finger ID is registered / recorded on the device (gadget) and the User hereby releases BCA from all kinds of claims, lawsuits and / or other legal actions from any party in connection with this matter
  • To be able to use Finger ID in the Application, the User must first do the following:
    1. Have installed the application on the user's device (gadget)
    2. Have created an account (sign up))
    3. Have activated the fingerprint feature on the device (gadget) and have at least 1 (one) Finger ID registered on the user's device (gadget)

Terms of Reservation

  • Reservations can only be made by Users with the following conditions:
    1. User already has an Application account
    2. The user has completed filling out the Mobile Form and the Mobile Form is still valid (not expired)
    3. Reservations are made within the time limit and location provided by BCA
  • User must come to the location selected by the User and perform Check-in within the period determined by BCA. Reservations may become invalid if the User does not check-in according to the time determined by BCA
  • Users can change the reservation data as long as the Mobile Form is still valid (not expired)

Issue Handling

  • Users can submit complaints/complaints related to the application through the nearest BCA branch or by contacting Halo BCA. For the purposes of handling complaints/complaints, BCA has the right to ask the User to submit a photocopy of the User's identity and other supporting documents in accordance with the applicable provisions in BCA
  • BCA will respond to the complaint in accordance with applicable legal provisions
  • Complaints/complaints related to the Application must be submitted by the User to BCA no later than 3 (three) months from the date of the Transaction

By becoming an User of the application, the User hereby declares that he fully understands and is subject to and bound by the contents of these BCA eBranch Terms. BCA has the right to change, complete, or replace these BCA eBranch Terms which will be notified by BCA to the User in any form and through any means in accordance with applicable legal provisions

Registrasi dan Aktivasi Aplikasi

  • Untuk menggunakan Aplikasi, Pengguna harus terlebih dahulu mengunduh Aplikasi pada gawai (gadget) dengan operating system yang ditentukan BCA.
  • Pengguna dapat menggunakan Aplikasi dengan 2 (dua) cara:
  1. Melalui menu Login. Pada menu ini, Pengguna harus terlebih dahulu melakukan proses registrasi dengan meng-input data sekurang-kurangnya nama lengkap, E-mail Pengguna dan PIN Aplikasi untuk mendapatkan Link Aktivasi yang akan dikirimkan oleh BCA ke E-mail Pengguna. Pengguna wajib membuka Link Aktivasi selambat-lambatnya 24 (dua puluh empat) jam sejak Pengguna melakukan registrasi Aplikasi.
  2. Melalui menu Login as Guest. Pada menu ini, Pengguna dapat langsung menggunakan Aplikasi tanpa perlu melakukan registrasi terlebih dahulu. Menu Aplikasi yang dapat digunakan terbatas pada pengisian Mobile Form.

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