2020-11-09 | Awas Modus

Beware of Email Scams in International Payments

In the borderless digital world, we are allowed to communicate with everyone anywhere through email, phone, chat, or social media.

Technology allows us to make transactions anywhere, anytime remotely. International trade also enjoys the practicality of making transactions faster and easier. Purchasing goods has never been easier through email or chatting with suppliers overseas.

But, fraudsters have also been taking advantage of technology by scamming victims or importers via email as fake suppliers.

Chronologies of the email scam.

  • Importers (buyers) received an email saying there was a change of supplier’s account number overseas, and the invoice payment is to be paid to a new bank account number.
  • As importers have usually built good relationships with buyers, they would likely believe such emails, and importers may directly pay the invoice without validating the message to suppliers first.
  • Obviously, the new account number is under the scammers’ name, leaving importers to suffer a big loss.

How to prevent this?

Do these 4 (four) steps if you received an email about a change of supplier’s account number.

  1. Recheck the sender’s email, name, and account number details 

Check them all and see if there is any discrepancy with the details you have already had all these times.

  1. Do not rush in replying to the email and transferring money 

Take your time to ensure every detail before replying to the supplier’s account number update email.

  1. Check and review according to your company’s SOP about supplier’s account change

Always conduct your business based on the company’s SOP, especially before following up on a change in a supplier’s account number.

  1. Confirm to the suppliers directly via phone or other channels besides email.

Check directly with the supplier about the account number’s change.

If you have ever been scammed, call the 24 hours service of Halo BCA at 1500888, email halobca@bca.co.id, @HaloBCA on Twitter, or BCA’s official website www.bca.co.id.