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Outward Remittance via myBCA

Outward Remittance via myBCA

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Outward Remittance via myBCA

myBCA is a digital platform that accessible via website and/or mobile application where customers only need a single user ID to access all their account information.

myBCA provides an Outward Remittance (OR) services for 14 foreign currencies that can be transferred to many banks in any country with competitive exchange rates and fees.


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Offers 14 Foreign Currencies
Outward Remittance via myBCA offers 14 foreign currencies, i.e. United States Dollar (USD), Chinese Yuan (CNY), Singapore Dollar (SGD), Japanese Yen (JPY), Euro (EUR), Swiss Franc (CHF), Saudi Riyal (SAR), Swedish Krona (SEK), Australian Dollar (AUD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Danish Krone (DKK), Hong Kong Dollar (HKD), New Zealand Dollar (NZD), dan Pound Sterling (GBP).
Competitive Exchange Rates and Fees
Experience convenient transactions with myBCA's competitive exchange rates and fees for hassle-free remittance.
Accessible anywhere and anytime

Send foreign currencies effortlessly, anytime, anywhere at your fingertips with myBCA.

Full Amount

The fund transferred can be received in full amount (no additional deduction fee).

Value Date Today

The fund transferred will be received on the same day by the Beneficiary Bank.

Business Document Feature

Conveniently submit underlying document for foreign currency transactions exceeding the threshold using Underlying Documents in myBCA.

Important Information

Terms and Conditions:

  • Available for 14 foreign currencies
  • Competitive exchanges rates
  • Full Amount and Value Date Today features
  • Convenient underlying document submission
  • Serving hours: 08.30 -15.00 WIB
  • View Outward Remittance transaction guidelines via myBCA here

Fees & Charges, Limit, and Interest Rate

Description Amount



Full Amount

USD 25 (equivalent)*)

Value Today


Provisi in Lieu

0.125% x Nominal Transfer

(min USD 5 – max USD 150 (eq.))

Limit per Transaction

Min. GBP 101 or

Min. USD 100 – Max. USD 25,000 (eq.)

Daily Limit

Max. USD 25,000 (eq.) per BCA ID

*) Full Amount fees can be viewed during your transaction in myBCA e-channel

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