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13 Oct 2023

Promoting Food Security, BCA Provides Syndicated Loan of IDR 1 Trillion for the Pusri Fertilizer Plant Construction Project


Jakarta, 13 October 2023 – PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) is demonstrating its commitment to support and preserve national food security by contributing to the acceleration of the construction project of PT Pupuk Sriwidjaja Palembang (Pusri). This commitment has been realized through BCA’s financial support of Rp1 trillion, following the signing of a syndicated loan agreement with Pusri in Jakarta on Friday (13/10).

The signing of the syndicated loan agreement represents BCA’s commitment to providing financial support for the construction of Pusri’s new fertilizer plant, known as Pusri III-B. This project aims to revitalize the company by replacing the aging Pusri III and Pusri IV fertilizer plants, which are approximately 40 years old. The goal is to enhance the company’s production efficiency.

BCA Director Rudy Susanto stated, “The construction of the Pusri III-B plant represents a strategic step taken by Pusri to enhance its efficiency and competitiveness. Furthermore, this project is a significant part of Pusri’s dedication to safeguarding national food security. The partnership, established through a syndicated loan, underscores BCA’s commitment to actively participating in the advancement of the national economy and industry. It also serves as evidence of BCA’s contribution to the pursuit of food security in Indonesia.”

The syndicated loan agreement includes BCA and seven other banking institutions as participants. The signing ceremony was attended by Deputy Minister I of SOEs Kartika Wirjoatmodjo, President Director of Pupuk Indonesia Rahmad Pribadi, and President Director of Pusri Tri Wahyudi Saleh. BCA, out of the total maximum limit of Rp9.317 trillion, contributed a syndicated loan of Rp1 trillion to support this strategic project.

This project is expected to result in an increase in fertilizer production in Indonesia, which will positively contribute to improving agricultural yields. Furthermore, the energy-efficient operation of the Pusri III-B plant aligns with BCA’s dedication to promoting Sustainable Finance and supports the Indonesian government’s efforts in transitioning toward a green economy.

“The Pusri plant construction project is expected to contribute significantly to meeting the nation’s fertilizer needs and support the growth of the agricultural sector. BCA remains committed to supporting essential economic sectors that play a vital role in ensuring food security,” Rudy concluded.

The Signing of Syndicated Loan Agreement - BCA Director Rudy Susanto (front right) and President Director of PT Pupuk Sriwidjaja Palembang (Pusri) Tri Wahyudi Saleh (front left) exchanged tokens of appreciation after signing the Syndicated Loan Agreement for the Pusri Fertilizer Plant Development Project in Jakarta on Friday (10/13). Out of the maximum cap of Rp9.317 trillion, BCA is providing a syndicated loan of Rp1 trillion to support this strategic project.

BCA Allocates IDR 1 Trillion for the Pusri Fertilizer Plant Development Project - BCA SVP of Corporate Banking, Yayi Mustika Pudyanti (front center) and Head of BCA Corporate Branch Dhejani Surjadi (front right) signed the syndicated loan agreement for the construction of Pusri III-B fertilizer plant alongside seven other banking institutions in Jakarta on Friday (10/13). BCA is realizing its commitment to support and safeguard national food security by contributing to the acceleration of the Pusri fertilizer plant development project.

Proactively Supports the Government in Advancing Food Security - Food security stands as a key government priority aimed at improving the welfare of the Indonesian population. The construction of the new Pusri plant represents a significant stride toward realizing this objective. BCA’s participation in the syndicated loan for Pusri serves as a demonstration of the corporation’s proactive engagement in the pursuit of food security in Indonesia.


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