Bakti BCA Village Development

Supporting the economic welfare of the community

Total Workforce of the Bakti BCA Village

The Bakti BCA Village employed 403 workers by the end of 2023, 40% of whom are full-time workers. The Bilebante Tourism Village absorbed the largest workforce of 59 workers, followed by the Pentingsari Tourism Village that absorbed a total of 49 local workers. 

The Total Revenue of Bakti BCA Village

By 2023, Bakti BCA Villages have received a revenue of Rp. 8.4 billion, an increase of 108.7% from Rp. 4 billion in 2022. Over the last 5 years, the income of BCA-supported tourism villages has reached Rp 22.3 billion.

Bakti BCA Village Achievements

A total of 13 awards, both at the national and global levels, were achieved by Bakti BCA Villages throughout 2023. Taro and Bilebante Tourism Villages became part of The Best Tourism Villages Upgrade Programme 2023 by the United Nation World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). In addition, the Community Based Tourism category award at the ASEAN Tourism Forum event was also given to Tamansari Tourism Village, Pentingsari Tourism Village, and Nagari Silokek.

On a national scale, Sijunjung Traditional Village obtained the MURI Record as the longest lined traditional village in Indonesia. Bukit Peramun in Belitung also received a MURI record as the first community-based digital forest.


1. Bilebante Tourism Village

The village has a beautiful panorama with green rice fields and a view of Mount Rinjani. Here, tourists can explore the tracks with views of the green rice fields with an ATV, bicycle or enjoy the spa services in the middle of the rice fields.

2. Taro Tourism Village

Being the oldest village on the Island of the Gods, Taro Village is a hub for tourists interested in eco-spiritual destinations. Here, tourists can enjoy the Tirta Yatra tour packages, visit Lembu Putih, enjoy culinary delights at Semara Ratih, and see the firefly conservation park.

3. Pentingsari Tourism Village
Pentingsari Tourism Village is a tourist destination on the slopes of Mount Merapi, Yogyakarta. The appeal of this village lies in the nuances of rural and natural beauty, as well as the local touches of Yogyakarta. This village offers tourists to stay and feel the harmony of mingling with the villagers.

4. Terong Creative Tourism Village

Terong Creative Tourism Village presents attractive and educational tour packages that combine nature-filled sceneries, art, culture and local activities, all of which allow visitors to interact directly with the hospitality of local residents. Some of the attraction options are learning to cook gangan Belitung, gambus music, weaving, hiking tours, and others.

5. Goa Pindul Tourism Village
The Pindul Cave tourism offers the beauty of charming stalactites and stalagmites. In the vicinity, there are also many other tourist activities, including exploring the Oyo River, Crystal Cave, Tanding Cave, and off-roading with a Jeep.

6. Silokek Tourism Village

Having unique geological formations formed from ancient rocks by natural processes over thousands of years, Silokek Tourism Village is a tourist destination that offers a variety of activities, such as rafting, trekking, camping, and various other outdoor activities.

7. Wayang Wukirsari Tourism Village

The village has beautiful nature, friendly guides, and has been equipped with homestay facilities. Here, visitors can enjoy educational packages to make shadow puppets (wayang), learn the philosophy of those puppets, learn gamelan, making wedang uwuh, other unique crafts, and watch puppet shows. 

8. Kelubi Tourism Village

Located in Kubok Kik Dukun (Tandjoeng Rawa), Kelubi Tourism Village has various nature-filled destinations that offer activities such as sports attractions, education, culinary and camping.

9. Bukit Peramun
Bukit Peramun offers natural beauty and the opportunity for tourists to see variants of flora and fauna, including the rare tiny mammal: Tarsius. The village community has also utilised QR technology to provide information on the variety of plants there into augmented reality. Being the first community-based digital forest area in Indonesia, Bukit Peramun has received appreciation from the Indonesian World Records Museum (MURI).

10. Gemah Sumilir Batik Village
The village is known as a community of batik makers with excellent batik products. Now Kampung Batik Gemah Sumilir has also expanded batik preservations across the country, by participating in batik-making education. In addition, they have participated in national and international batik exhibitions.

11. Doesoen Kopi Sirap
Located on the slopes of Mount Kelir, this tourist destination is an interesting choice for coffee lovers. With the theme "Drinking Coffee in a Coffee Plantation," Doesoen Kopi Sirap has a variety of tourist activities, including coffee processing education, village food festivals, and nature attractions that can be a location for camping.

12. Gunong Lumut Tourism Village

With a natural and beautiful atmosphere, Gunong Lumut is a suitable tourist destination to unwind. The uniqueness of this tourist location is the expanse of mountains and hills covered with moss like a green carpet. Some of the activities that can be done in this tourist village include camping and enjoying the natural beauty from the top of the mountain.


1. Pahawang Tourism Village

Pahawang Island is a paradise for travellers who crave a complete natural tourist destination. Filled with sceneries of the sea, beach, swamp, land and hilly areas, this coastal area is not only a tourist site but also suitable for agriculture and has diverse marine resources.

2. Saba Budaya Baduy

Tied to a very strong culture, tourists who visit Baduy will get a different experience from other destinations. Refusing to be called a tourist location, Baduy introduced the term "Saba Budaya Badui" which means "Badui Cultural Gathering".

3. Semen Tourism Village
Starting from youth who were members of the Orchid Lovers Group, they managed to create changes so that a Tourism Village was formed. By maintaining the local norms that exist in the community, this village has succeeded in promoting its attractive tour packages such as educational tours, cultural tours, live-in tours, camping ground and outbound activities.