Preservation of arts, culture, and traditions of the archipelago

Preserving the arts, culture, and traditions of the archipelago to revive public interest and the younger generations through traditional arts and culture.

Appreciation to Archipelago Art & Culture Activist

Since 2012, there have been 18.458 art activists involved in preserving wayang art. BCA's commitment to preserving the art of wayang continues with a wayang drama performance entitled "Hanoman: Ada Apa dengan Shinta" which was watched by more than 1,000 people as well as an exhibition of comic strips created by 10 young comic artists who had previously received coaching from Marvel Comics and DC Comics, in 2023.

In addition to wayang art, BCA also participates in the preservation of traditional music and arts. This was done by organizing a cultural dialogue event themed "Musik Tradisional: Menolak Sunyi di Tengah Deru Modernisasi" which was attended by more than 300 audience in 2023.

BCA also collaborated with the Indonesian Natural Dyes Association (Warlami) to assist 28 women weavers in the South Central Timor (TTS) from Swapraja Amanatun, Swapraja Amanuban, and Swapraja Mollo, to utilize natural dyes in making their woven fabrics. Wastra TTS has the advantage of its own unique ornamental variety, weaving technique, and distinctive cultural expression.