“We believe that the ultimate goal of all forms of economic activity should aim at improving the quality of human life and the environment, we are optimistic that BCA’s business activities are able to create positive impacts on the economy, community welfare, and environmental preservation”.

Building a Sustainability Culture Keberlanjutan

BCA instills values and applies sustainability principles to build a sustainability culture within the Bank. BCA builds a sustainability culture to maximize its potential to create value today and in the future.

Sustainability values and principles align with BCA's sustainability pillars which cover three aspects of environmental, social, and governance (ESG). All BCA employees synergize and work together in implementing core values, sustainability pillars, environmental culture, and achieving ESG targets. BCA expects every employee to become an agent of change whose every action reflects the sustainability culture.


Sustainable Business Practice for Indonesia’s Sustainable Development


Sustainable Finance Vision

To be the Bank of choice and a major pillar of the Indonesian economy, that aligns with Indonesia’s sustainable development


Sustainable Finance Mission

To align all our corporate activities with the principles of Sustainable Finance.


Sustainability Commitment

Sustainable Banking

Sustainability Culture

Social Value Creation

Sustainability Report

Policy, Standard and Certification