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Interim Dividend 2023

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Tambahan Informasi atas Keterbukaan Informasi Sehubungan Dengan Transaksi Afiliasi

600.58 KB

Final Dividend 2022

148.22 KB

Summary of Minutes of AGMS 2023

457.85 KB

Main Resolutions of The AGMS 2023

245.08 KB

03 March 2023 – Information Disclosure Related to Affiliated Transaction

706.68 KB

AGMS 2023 Rules and Procedure

142.58 KB

Profile of Public Accountant and Public Accounting Firm to be Proposed in 2023 BCA AGMS

241.77 KB

Power of Attorney to Attend AGMS 2023

220.73 KB

Notice of AGMS 2023

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