Bakti BCA Scholarship

Supporting outstanding students with strong passion for nation building

Bakti BCA Scholarship for Future-Ready Generation

“Always by Your Side” is BCA’s commitment not only to its customers but also to all stakeholders. Since 1999, BCA has contributed to community empowerment and sustainable development in education through the Bakti BCA Scholarship. This scholarship is intended for #GenerationPastiBisa Indonesians whose passion is to build the country and become the future leaders of the nation.

In line with one of BCA’s values, which is the continuous pursuit of excellence, we open opportunities for outstanding Indonesian students, both in academic and non-academic fields, with the enthusiasm to continue to hone their abilities and competencies to prepare themselves to become the nation’s next generation in any field of their interest and passion. Every year, BCA grants education funds and development programs for students from various universities in Indonesia to achieve their dreams.

Announcement of the Bakti BCA Scholarship 2024 Selection

We would like to express our gratitude for the enthusiasm of all future-ready generations who have applied for the Bakti BCA 2024 Scholarship program. The scholarship announcement will be sent via e-mail, which will be done gradually from 7-8 December 2023.

For applicants who have been unsuccessful, we thank you for your interest and time taken to participate in the selection process. BCA will continue to support your endeavour to hone your skills and competencies as the nation’s future generations. We sincerely hope that the spirit of #generasipastibisa will prevail in your journey towards your dream future.

Overview of Bakti BCA Scholarship

7.000+ Awardees*

Awarded since 1999, the Bakti BCA Scholarship has awarded more than 7,000 scholarships to students. (*recorded since 2009)

Benefits of Educational Funds and Development Programs

Recipients of the Bakti BCA Scholarship will receive benefits in the form of educational funding support and a development program for one year.

Bakti Champions

The term for recipients of the Bakti BCA Scholarship, namely outstanding students who are passionate to dedicate themselves to the country.

Bakti BCA Scholarship

Benefits of the Bakti BCA Scholarship Scholarship Categories General & Specific Criteria Program Period and Selection Stages Bakti BCA Scholarship FAQs

Benefits of the Bakti BCA Scholarship

Recipients of the Bakti BCA Scholarship will receive benefits in the form of educational funding and personal development assistance for 1 year through the Bakti Champions Program.

Benefits of Educational Funds

Education Fund
Education Fund Assistance includes monthly pocket money and tuition assistance.
Bakti Champions Program
A program for one year to explore the potential and unique talents of outstanding individuals so they can contribute to the nation. Development programs for Bakti Champions students include Financial Planning, Business Impact Plan, Bootcamp, and visits to the BCA office.

Scholarship Categories

For #BaktiChampions students, BCA provides several scholarship categories to support you as the nation’s next generation.

Financial Aid
Intended for outstanding students who need financial assistance.
Academic Achievement
Intended for students with academic achievements.
Non-Academic Achievement
Intended for students who have achievements in non-academic fields (minimum of provincial level), such as sports, arts, culture, etc.

General & Specific Criteria

General Criteria

  • Active students who are currently taking the 3rd Semester Bachelor's Degree program at State Universities
  • Not currently receiving another scholarship
  • Max age 21 years old and not married
  • Have social awareness and commitment to learning
  • Active in committees or organizations (except for the Non-Academic Achievement Scholarship Category)
  • Not working full-time and not in official bond status from another institution/institution/foundation
  • Committed to following the entire series of development programs for 1 year
  • Meet the Special Criteria requirements of one of the Bakti BCA Scholarship Categories
  • Pass the series of selection stages for the BCA Bakti Scholarship

Specific Criteria


Scholarship Category

Financial Aid

Academic Achievement

Non-Academic Achievement


Min. 3.0

Min. 3.25

No GPA requirement.

Supporting Documents

Supporting documents of organization/committee activities, such as certificates, etc.

Certificate of non-academic achievement (at least provincial level), such as plaques, certificates, etc.

Letter of recommendation for financial challenges from the university/faculty/program/Letter of Indigency (SKTM) from Kelurahan/Village that is still valid in 2023.

Certificates of achievement/awards in the academic field, such as certificates of scientific competitions, etc.

Video of your skills/talent (30 seconds duration), which has been uploaded on YouTube/GDrive/OneDrive/etc.

Program Period and Selection Stages

Benefit Period of the Bakti BCA Scholarship

The scholarship benefit period is valid for January - December 2024 (1 year), for the 4th & 5th Semester students.

Selection Period

Selection Stage Period
Online Registration October 10-23, 2023
Administrative Selection October 24-27, 2023
Assessment & Interview (online) October 30 - November 1, 2023
Announcement December 7-8, 2023

Terms & Conditions

  • The decision to accept a scholarship by BCA is absolute and cannot be contested.
  • BCA has the right to disqualify candidates if there are violations in the registration process.
  • Candidates who pass the administrative selection stage will receive an invitation to take part in the Assessment & Interview stage via the e-mail registered during registration.

Bakti BCA Scholarship FAQs


A. General Information

Where can I get official and updated information regarding the Bakti BCA Scholarship program?

Official information can be found on the BCA website and BCA’s official social media accounts (List: Announcement for each selection stage will be sent via e-mail Visit regularly for updated information regarding Bakti BCA SCholarship.

Where can I register for the 2024 Bakti BCA Scholarship program?

Registration can only be done online, by clicking the registration link button on the webpage:

Is there any registration fee for the Bakti BCA Scholarship?

No, there is not. The selection process is free of charge. Please beware of anyone who contacts you on behalf of the Bakti BCA Scholarship.

Will BCA contact me if there is any missing data on the registration form?

No. Please beware of anyone who contacts you on behalf of the Bakti BCA Scholarship.

How do I know that the person contacting me is from the Bakti BCA Scholarship program?

Make sure to get information ONLY from BCA’s official channels, namely:

✅ Halo BCA Application

✅ The official number of Halo BCA is 1500888 (without 021, +0621, or other prefixes)

✅WhatsApp: Bank BCA 08111500998 (green badge)

✅ Instagram: @goodlifebca (blue badge)

✅ Website:

✅ E-mail Bakti BCA Scholarship:

BCA will only contact candidates who make it to the next stage. Updated information regarding the selection stages can be found on

B. Benefits of Bakti BCA Scholarship 2024

How much Education Fund assistance does the Bakti BCA Scholarship 2024 grantees get?

Scholarship grantees will receive a monthly allowance of Rp500,000 and tuition support of at least Rp2,000,000 per semester.

Do the Bakti BCA Scholarship grantees have a service bond to BCA?

There is no service bond. Bakti BCA Scholarship grantees who are interested in a career at BCA can follow the recruitment process according to the applicable terms and conditions.

C. Bakti BCA Scholarship Grantee Criteria

I will turn 22 on 15 December 2023, can I apply?

The Bakti BCA Scholarship 2024 is intended for candidates who are still 21 years old at the time of the scholarship announcement (15 December 2023).

Can I apply to multiple scholarship categories?

No, you cannot. Candidates can only choose one of the scholarship categories.

I am studying at a private university. Can I apply?

Currently, the Bakti BCA Scholarship does not cover private universities.

I am pursuing a Diploma 4 program. Can I apply?

The Bakti BCA Scholarship is intended for undergraduate students.

I took a sabbatical/joined a student exchange program/other reasons in the 2nd semester. Can I still apply?

No, you cannot. Candidates must be active students.

I am taking the International Class program at a public university. Can I apply?

If the candidate of the Bakti BCA Scholarship is in Indonesia during the 4th and 5th semesters, the candidate can join the scholarship selection program.

If I am currently or have received a scholarship from another organisation, can I apply?

Candidates who are currently receiving scholarship benefits between 1 January - 31 December 2024 are not allowed to become a Bakti BCA Scholarship 2024 grantee.

If I am also participating in the screening process of another scholarship program, can I apply?

Yes. However, if the candidate passes the screening process, he/she must choose one of the scholarship programs.

I am not active in organisations but involved in various volunteer activities, and communities, or have other achievements. Can I apply?

Yes. Please attach certificates from these activities.

If I have a part-time/freelance job, can I still apply?

Yes, as long as the candidate can show their commitment to managing their time for Bakti BCA Scholarship activities. Candidates who have full-time jobs or are bound in service to other institutions/foundations are not allowed to receive Bakti BCA Scholarships.


D. Things to Note Before Applying

What documents do I need to prepare?

Supporting documents are required according to provisions in each scholarship category, such as certificates, references, etc.

What should I pay attention to in filling out the data?

Things that need to be noted:

  1. Prepare the required documents
  2. It is recommended to use the same device when filling out the data and make sure your internet network is working properly
  3. It is recommended to fill out the form via laptop/PC to make it easier to fill in and upload documents
  4. Each candidate is only allowed to participate in the selection for 1 of the 3 available Scholarship Categories. Make sure the category you choose is appropriate
  5. Make sure the data and information you fill in are precise, correct, and appropriate
  6. Double-check the data before pressing the "send" button

If there are incomplete documents, can I send them separately or submit them?

You cannot submit documents separately. They must be included when filling out the registration form. All supporting documents must be submitted during online data entry for consideration in the administrative screening stage.

When is the deadline for registration?

The form must be submitted by pressing the "kirim" button on the form no later than 23 October at 23.59. To avoid high website traffic near the application deadline, we recommend the candidates complete the application before the deadline. There is no time extension for registration.

E. Important Things to Note During Data Entry

Can I fill out the form using different devices? (e.g. Laptop/PC, HP, tablet, etc.)

We encourage candidates to use the same device to complete the application form.

My university is not listed in the form, can I apply?

Candidates from state universities whose campus is not on the list of the application form can still apply. Please select "OTHERS" and fill in the university name manually.

Related to filling in achievements/organisations/committees and supporting documents, am I only limited to three options?

Yes. Choose the activities that you feel best represent your achievements.

Can I use foreign language skills as proof of achievement?

Yes, as long as there are supporting documents.

How do I know that my registration has been successful?

If the registration is successful, a THANK YOU page will appear on the screen.

F. Concerning Technical Difficulties During Data Entry

If during data entry, I have not reached the “submit” stage and the web page closes/my connection is lost, will I not be able to complete the registration process?

Use the same device, refresh, and continue filling in the data. We encourage candidates to complete the form using a stable internet network.

I believe I have filled in and completed all the data but I am unable to press the "submit" or get an "error" notification on the screen. What should I do?

Refresh the registration form page or return to the main page.

When filling in data on the online form, can I save the draft before I "submit" it?

The system will automatically recap the participant’s answers for review before submitting.

Can I make changes to the data after pressing the "submit" button?

Data that has been submitted cannot be changed. Please repeat the data entry without any errors. We will check the submitted documents thoroughly.

G. Concerning Data Entry for Financial Aid Scholarship Category

Is there a specific format for the Letter of Indigency (SKTM)?

BCA does not provide a specific format. The SKTM format follows the official format issued by the Kelurahan or University/Faculty/Program and is still valid in 2023.

Regarding parents’ income, is the data required only for gross income or with benefits?

The data includes all income and benefits.

What does the average PLN bill mean?

The average PLN bill required is the record for the past 3 months.

H. Concerning Data Entry for Academic Achievement Scholarship Category

If I have academic achievements outside my field/major of study, can I also include them?

Yes. You can attach achievements in various fields, such as debate competitions, Model United Nations (MUN) activities, etc.

I. Concerning Data Entry for Non-Academic Achievement Scholarship Category

If I have non-academic achievements at the Provincial Level that are non-individual, can I include them? (such as basketball, football, choir, dance, etc.), Can I apply for the non-academic achievement scholarship category?

Yes. Group achievements, such as football, dance, choir, etc., can be included in the data as long as they meet the minimum provincial-level requirements. Please provide a video that demonstrates your skills with a duration of less than 30 seconds.


J. General Information

Will the assessment and interview take place on the same day?

Candidates are given 3 days to complete the selection test and interview. There is no time extension from the specified period.

Where is the location for the assessment and interview process?

Assessment and interview will be conducted online. Further information will be sent from the e-mail address to the registered e-mail address for candidates who pass the administrative selection.

What do I need to prepare to take part in the assessment and interview selection stages?

Please prepare the following:

  1. Authentic ID card
  2. Device with a good internet connection. Make sure the camera and mic/audio on the device are working properly


K. General Information

How will I know if I have been awarded the Bakti BCA Scholarship 2024?

The announcement will be sent via e-mail to the e-mail address and/or WhatsApp of the Bakti BCA Scholarship 2024 grantees. Please check your e-mail Inbox, Promotion, or Spam folder.

Should I not qualify, will I receive a notification from BCA?

A confirmation e-mail for Bakti BCA Scholarship 2024 grantees will only be sent to candidates who pass all selection stages on 15 December 2023. Results will be announced from the e-mail address to the registered candidate’s e-mail. If there is a schedule change, we will inform you through the page.