Cataract Surgery Program

Helping communities to have healthy eyesight, to enhance their daily activities.

Maintaining Health Together

BCA has been cooperating with the Cataract Blindness Management Section of the Indonesian Ophthalmologists Association (SPBK PERDAMI) since 2001 to regularly organise free cataract surgeries in various regions in Indonesia. In 2023, 1,036 patients participated in BCA's free cataract surgery. The majority of beneficiaries were productive-aged patients (15-64 years old).

The free cataract surgery program was held in areas with high cataract populations, limited numbers of ophthalmologists, minimal surgical equipment, and economically deprived areas. This activity was held as part of BCA's commitment to support the government's program to reduce cataract blindness, as well as to support The Right to Sight initiative of the World Health Organization (WHO).