03 Jul 2023 | Edukatips

How to Create a SID via Welma on myBCA App

Investing has become a lifestyle in society. Investment is a preparation for the future, it should be done before all of your income is used for daily needs and wants or better known as paying yourself first.

You can invest in Mutual Funds, Bonds & Government Securities through the Welma feature on myBCA, including creating a SID before you start investing.

Introduction to Single Investor Identification

Single Investor Identification (SID) is a single identity number created specifically for investors to transact in the capital market. The SID is issued by the Indonesian Central Securities (KSEI). This code is the official proof that the customer is registered as an investor in the capital market. It is also used by customers, investors, and/or other parties based on applicable regulations to carry out activities related to securities transactions.

Each investor can only have one SID, containing 3 (three) letters and 12 (twelve) numbers that are unique and different for each of them.

How to Create a Single Investor Identification

You can directly create a SID via Welma on myBCA. First, download the myBCA app on Play Store or App Store and register and activate. Then follow the steps below:        

  1. Log in to myBCA using BCAID, then select the ‘Akun Saya’ menu
  2. In Welma Portfolio, click “Daftar Data Investor” to start SID registration
  3. Select the type of SID you want to create, Mutual Funds & Bonds/Mutual Funds only/Bonds only.
  4. Fill in the investor data on the screen and find out your investment risk profile. 
  5. If the data is correct, check the suitability statement and select “Lanjut”.
  6. Enter your myBCA PIN to confirm
  7. Single Investor Identification (SID) registration process is complete

Once your SID is created, it’s time to invest in the investment product of your choice.

Benefits of Investing via Welma on myBCA

The Welma feature on myBCA is a feature to help make investments directly from your smartphone. Here are the benefits that you can obtain when using the Welma feature on myBCA:

1. Easier & More Affordable Investments

You only need one application to manage your finances, including investments. With Welma, you no longer need to switch applications to make investments. Mutual fund purchases start from Rp10 thousand and Bonds/SBN (Government Securities) start from Rp1 million.

2. Wide Selection of Investment Products

The Welma feature offers a variety of Mutual Funds and SBN investment products to own. The selection is diverse and can be adjusted to your risk profile. If you are confused about which product to choose, you can compare the performance of Mutual Fund products up to 5 years back. Furthermore, through the Welma feature, investors can also order and make an early redemption of primary market SBNs and buy and sell secondary market SBNs.

3. Easy to Check Portfolio

Check your portfolio regularly to find out which investment products offer profitable returns for you to consider adding to your investment portfolio. The Welma feature on myBCA also makes it easy to monitor your portfolio and get information on changes in the value of Mutual Fund products.

Those are the things you need to know to help you invest more confidently through the Welma feature on myBCA. For more details, you can check myBCA information here or contact HaloBCA 1500 888 ext. 4 (for investment product services).

Happy Investing!