Current Account

Supporting business continuity actively

Why BCA Current Account?

Currency Options

Available in 11 currency options (IDR, USD, JPY, AUD, GBP, SGD, HKD, EUR, CNH, MYR and THB)


Foreign exchange current account withdrawal available anytime with Letter of Authorisation (LoA) which inalienable


Withdrawal and transfer of accounts using check or written transfer instructions (billyet giro) specially for IDR

Current Account

Current Account

Overbooking platform for some funds which occurs between bank accounts is intend to support business continuity for business with active financial transaction


Complete detail transaction
Ease business transaction management with detail and complete transaction
Can be used as gathering account to Virtual Account and Merchant debit BCA
Equipped with join account facility
Withdraw and deposit
Withdraw and deposit transaction is able between branch office
Monthly bank statement can be picked up easily at BCA branch office or send through mall

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