BCA Dollar

Convenience in saving and investing

Why BCA Dollar?

Many Currency Options

Available in USD and SGD


Get a BCA Dollar card that functions as an ID card and an ATM BCA card


Access to accounts, transactions, and any kind of payment can be done easily via BCA e-Banking

BCA Dollar

BCA Dollar

BCA Dollar

Save and invest with globally recognized dollar currencies.


Ease of depositing and withdrawing USD / SGD banknotes with 1: 1 conditions
SMS & e-mail Info Service
Get transaction information via SMS or E-mail

Important Information

  • Interest rate fluctuations can occur following market developments
  • Make sure the BCA Dollar Card is in your hands and keep your PIN confidential
  • No joint account available
  • If the USD or SGD balance in your account is 0.00 for 6 months in a row, the account will automatically be closed


1. Over 21 years old or married

2. Valid ID

    - KTP and NPWP for WNI

    - Paspor/KITAS and NPWP for WNA

SMS & e-mail Info Service

Get account transaction notification via SMS and/or e-mail. The available transaction types are:

  • Balance Inquiry
  • LLG
  • Check/BG withdrawal
  • Apointee withdrawal
  • Clearing Refusal
  • All Debit Transactions
  • All Credit Transactions

Notes :

1. Balance information displayed is the current available balance by the time the information is sent

2. For other transactions, notification can be set based on predetermined nominal transaction

3. For Telkomsel users, there is an update of fee source charge from credit debiting to account debiting

Transaction Info via SMS/e-mail Delivery Time

Transaction Info via SMS/e-mail Delivery Time

Transaction Type


Balance Inquiry

Options between:

Every day,

One spesific day, or

One spesific date

Other Transactions Between 07 AM - 8 PM


1. Bank dapat menolak permohonan produk Deposito apabila tidak memenuhi persyaratan dan peraturan yang berlaku

2. Anda harus membaca dengan teliti Ringkasan Informasi Produk dan Layanan ini sebelum menyetujui pembukaan Deposito dan berhak bertanya kepada pegawai Bank atau call ke Halo BCA di 1-500-888 atas semua hal maupun pengaduan terkait Ringkasan Informasi Produk dan Layanan

Fees, Limits & Interest Rates

Interest Rates

BCA Dollar USD

Balance (USD)

Interest Rates (%pa)

<100 0.00
≥100 - <10,000 0.10
≥10,000 - <100,000 0.10
≥100,000 - <200,000 0.20
≥200,000 0.30

Effective: 17 June 2021

BCA Dollar SGD

Balance (SGD)

Interest Rates (%pa)

<200 0.10
≥200 0.10

Effective: 04 November 2019




Minimum Initial Deposit

USD 100

SGD 200

Administration Fee



Account Closing Fee



  • BCA Dollar deposit at the counter using USD 100 denominatian will get a 1:1 rate calculation up to USD 50,000/day/account. If the deposit is more than USD 50,000/day/account a provision 0,5% of the excess will be charged.
  • USD deposit with below standard and or small denominations will get a 1:1 rate calculation with Provision fee 0.25%
  • Cannot withdrawn deposited banknotes on the same day
  • Please make confirmation one day before banknote withdrawals with amount above USD 1,000 or SGD 1,000. Any withdrawal without confirmation will be charged IDR 100,000
  • Banknote withdrawals can be done in 1:1 rate calculation with a limit of :
    1. USD 10,000/month/account. Provision fee 0.5% will be charged for the amount above that.
    2. SGD 10,000/month/account. Provision fee 0.5% will be charged for the amount above that.

    Notes: If the branch have sufficient cash amount

  • Foreign exchange rates apply to withdrawals in Rupiah or other foreign currencies

SMS & e-mail Service Fee



Rupiah (Tahapan, Tahapan Gold, Tapres, Giro IDR)


Foreign Currency (BCA Dollar USD & SGD)

USD 0.05 atau SGD 0.05

For Tahapan TKI account, IDR1,000 charge applied

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