• Tahapan BCA

    Reliable Personal Savings With Optimum Facilities

For a comfortable life

Tahapan BCA is a BCA savings product created to accommodate your personal needs. Equipped with Paspor BCA, our prime banking card that can function as an ATM, Debit, and Cash card, Tahapan BCA seeks to simplify your banking transactions. Enjoy easy withdrawal, deposit, and fund transfer, as well as bill payments (credit card, electricity, telephone, news subscriptions, etc.) and service or product purchases. 

Choose from three (3) Paspor BCA card selections to suit your every need.

Paspor BCA Blue

Paspor BCA Blue

This Blue ATM card is suitable for customers who often conduct online or debit transaction, with less need for cash withdrawal. ATM cash withdrawal limit for this card type is Rp 10 million per transaction, and the ATM transfer limit is Rp 50 million.

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Paspor BCA Gold

Paspor BCA Gold

Paspor BCA Gold serves customers who rarely withdraw large sums from the ATM. With ATM Gold, enjoy transaction limits from Rp 10 million to Rp 50 million for transfers to the same bank. ATM Gold cardholder can also use the card as a debit card, and enjoy purchase limits of up to Rp 75 million at all of your preferred merchants.

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Paspor BCA Platinum

Paspor BCA Platinum

ATM Platinum Card serves highly mobile customers by providing a transfer limit of Rp 100 million daily. Additionally, ATM Platinum debit limit is higher at Rp 100 million.

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Tahapan Benefits

Looking for easy and convenient transaction experience? Tahapan BCA is a savings account that prioritizes convenience to accommodate your needs. With Tahapan BCA, you will instantly join millions of Tahapan BCA community members and enjoy easy online transactions using Tahapan BCA e-Banking.

  • Cash withdrawal, withdraw cash from thousands of ATM BCA, ATM Prima network, and Cirrus ATM network all over the world
  • Easy Transfer, betwen account or Enjoy inter-bank transfer.
  • Cash-less, pay with Paspor BCA.
  • Easy payments, pay everything from a single ATM BCA, from phone, PLN, insurance, credit card, Loan Share, and mobile top-up bills.
  • Network connection, connect to millions of other customers from every occupational background through Tahapan BCA community.
  • Practical, conduct limitless transactions with e-Banking.
  • Guaranteed security, enjoy increased security with ATM BCA PIN, m-BCA PIN and Key BCA.
What You Need to Know

For SMS notifications, per 1 April 2016 shall apply as follows:.

  • Provider: Telkomsel, XL, Indosat, Three and Smartfren.
  • Fees for Rupiah accounts is IDR 500/transaction.
  • Fees for SGD accounts is SGD 0.05/transaction and USD account is USD 0.05/transaction.
  • SMS charges for Telkomsel, XL, Indosat, Three and Smartfren are using the account debit system.

Tahapan BCA aims to fulfill the needs of each and every customer. Tahapan BCA cards offer monthly administrations fees to suit each card selection:

Card Type Monthly Administration Fee
New/Replacement Card Fee
Blue / Counter Only 15,000 10,000
Gold 17,000 15,000
Platinum 20,000 20,000

* Updated in January 2016

To protect your banking activities, please make a note of the following information:

  • Interest rate fluctuations are adjusted according to market development
  • Please make sure to protect your Paspor BCA card and PIN confidentiality
Get the Product

Getting a Tahapan BCA account is an easy process. Simply visit the nearest BCa branch with your identification card, NPWP, and initial deposit. For more information, please see the list below:

  1. Registrant is individual or foundation
  2. Fill and sign registration form to open Tahapan BCA account
  3. Provide valid proof of identification and NPWP
  4. Minimum initial deposit of Rp 500.000 and subsequent minimum deposit of Rp 50.000
  5. Minimum average balance is Rp 100.000
  6. Minimum balance is Rp 50.000
  7. Monthly administration depends on the type of Paspor BCA card selected

Interested in opening your own Tahapan BCA account? Fill in an online application form or download a Tahapan account opening form.

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