15 Jul 2022 | News & Features

Information on Foreign Exchange Transaction Threshold

In accordance with the provisions of Bank Indonesia Regulations Number 24/7/PBI/2022 regarding Transactions in the Foreign Exchange Market and Regulation of Members of the Board of Governors Number 24/10/PADG/2022 regarding Regulations for Implementation of Transactions in the Foreign Exchange Market, the purchase of foreign exchange against rupiah up to USD100,000 (one hundred thousand US Dollar) or equivalent per month per customer can be done without including the underlying documents.

BCA will gradually make adjustments to BCA e-channels to accommodate the Bank Indonesia regulations mentioned above.

For further details about the implementation of transactions in the Foreign Exchange Market, please visit https://www.bi.go.id/id/publikasi/peraturan/Pages/PADG_241022.aspx

For further information about foreign exchange transactions at BCA, please contact Halo BCA 1500 888 or simply mention us at Twitter @HaloBCA