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02 Mar 2019

Followed by More than 100 Participants, BCA Organizes Health Charity in Bukit Peramun Belitung

Jakarta, 02 March 2019 – The series of social charity events held in association with the 62nd anniversary of BCA continues. After organizing Health Charity Event at Klinik Bakti Medika and Praktek Dokter Duri Utara few weeks ago, this time, through its CSR Bakti BCA program, BCA once again organizes free medical treatments for the residents of Desa Sijuk, Desa Air Seruk, and Desa Air Selumar in Bukit Peramun, Belitung (02/03). As for the estimated participants participated in this program were more than 100 patients. 

Attending the health charity event was Head of KCU BCA Tanjung Pandan Rustam, together with Head of Health Services of Belitung Health Office Haryono, Head of Puskesmas Sijuk Fery, Subdistrict Head Sijuk Febriansyah, and Head  of Desa Air Selumar Iman Rafli in Belitung, Saturday (02/03).

“As we’re entering our 62nd anniversary, we would like to celebrate this moment with the public through health charity events. Together with the people of Bukit Peramun, we want to achieve better public health outcomes. BCA hopes that it can help provide the public with opportunities to get access to health care and treatments through local health centers such as puskesmas,” explained Rustam.

This time, the health charity program took place in three villages, namely Desa Sijuk, Desa Air Seruk, and Desa Air Selumar, where residents of these villages get free medications including examinations for gout, cholesterol, sugars, and other health problems.

This year, BCA has conducted free medications at Klinik Bakti Medika, Praktek Dokter Duri Utara and today in Bukit Peramun, Belitung. 

“We see that people in rural and remote areas still need medical assistance. Difficulties in accessing healthcare and the lack of appropriate medical equipment have motivated BCA to provide free health facilities that we’re now holding in Bukit Peramun, Belitung. We hope that the activity we conducted today will provide a positive impact on public health so they can recover and return to their activities,” said Rustam.

BCA also expresses its gratitude in its 62nd anniversary by conducting other social activities such as Blood Donor, health education for students, cataract surgery, training for tourism village administrators, and many others.

Diikuti Lebih Dari 100 Peserta, BCA Gelar Bakti Sosial Kesehatan Di Bukit Peramun Belitung

Health Charity Event in Bukit Peramun Belitung – Head of KCU BCA Tanjung Pandan Rustam (center) together with Head of Health Services of Belitung Health Office Haryono (second right), Head of Puskesmas Sijuk Fery (left), Subdistrict Head Sijuk Febriansyah (second left), and Head  of Desa Air Selumar Iman Rafli (right) in Belitung, Saturday (02/03). Followed by more than 100 participants, the health charity that BCA organized this time had involved residents of three villages namely Desa Sijuk, Desa Air Seruk, and Desa Air Selumar. They received free medications including examination for gout, cholesterol, sugars and other health problems.


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