2021-08-06 | Awas Modus

Beware of Investment Frauds Claiming To Be Welma!

Dear Sahabat BCA,

Here is an important message for you, especially BCA customers, so you will not be trapped in an investment fraud using the name of Welma, an investment app by BCA.

The media used for fraud can be varied, from social media to chat groups on many platforms using Welma as the profile name. Any social media accounts and chat groups apart from those on this page are fake.

Examples of investment frauds claiming to be Welma

  • Fake accounts using Welma’s/BCA’s/BCA Sekuritas’ name and/or logo. 

  • Promising unreasonable/sensational amount of dividend.

  • Claiming legality under OJK or dropping BCA’s executives' names as the chat group admin.

  • Giving proofs of transfer for investments using ATM or BCA EDC receipts.

If you see such frauds as above, be careful. Do not get tempted by the lure of the instantaneous and sensational amount of benefits. Do not let your logic be beaten by those ‘sudden financial success promises’.

There is no turning back once you have transferred your money to fraudsters. You will not get the promised interests, let alone the capital money you just transferred. 

Some fraudsters indeed transfer you some money as interests, but that is to bait you into transferring a larger sum of money as capital to them. The money will never go back to you. Ever.

Tips to avoid such frauds

  • BCA/Welma never creates an account or chat group - be it on social media to chat platforms. Check this page for BCA’s official social media and chat app accounts.
  • Do not trust any unreasonable amount of investment interests.
  • BCA would never ask you to transfer Investment Fund to other customer’s account.
  • BCA’s official WhatsApp account is only Bank BCA at 0811 1500 998, verified with a green badge. 

Click here to learn more about investments with Welma, Sahabat BCA.

Now, if you, Sahabat BCA, found a chat group, social media account, or a personal chat/email offering you a Welma investment or other BCA products that seem suspicious, immediately report it to Halo BCA at 1500 888.

Be a smart generation and share this information with the people around you to prevent these frauds claiming to be Welma/BCA from happening to them. Learn more about various modus of banking-related frauds here to be well informed. #AwasModus!