Outward Documentary Collection

Collecting payment for export’s documents transaction with Bank as the intermediary

Outward Documentary Collection

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Outward Documentary Collection

Financing services provided for Outward Documentary Collection

Pre-Shipment Financing
Export Pre-shipment Financing

Financing to procure raw materials for export production

Export Pre-Shipment financing requirement:

  • Irrevocable LC or Local LC (SKBDN)
  • Sales contract
  • Production projection
Post-Shipment Financing
Negotiation-Discounting with Special Condition (LG)

Financing for Outward Documentary Collection transaction against export documents with special conditions

Negotiation-Discounting with Special Condition (LG)

  • Minimal One year of export transaction in BCA or other Banks and have no issues during the transaction
  • Have credit facility and good track record in BCA and other banks
  • No record on rejected export documents from issuing bank
  • Potential economic and market value on exported goods

Special Conditions :

  • Discrepancies export’s documents with terms in LC.
  • Unavailable commercial line for Issuing Bank.
  • Underlying documents for documentary collection (D/P or D/A).

Need to know

Requirement for BCA Export Services:

  • Have registered corporate account in BCA (IDR or others currencies)
  • Conform the administrative requirements
  • Have either negotiation or discounting facility
  • transaction in foreign currencies accommodated by BCA

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