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Customer Portfolio Report

Customer Portfolio Report

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Customer Portfolio Report

The Customer Portfolio Report is a monthly or annual summary of the products held by customers at BCA, comprising:

  • Fund Products, including Tabungan, Giro, and Deposito.
  • Credit Products, covering Credit Cards and Loans.
  • Investment Products, covering Mutual Funds, Bonds, and Bancassurance.

Important Information

Customer Portfolio Report Printing Request Form at Branch

The form used for requesting customer portfolio report at branch is the Account Data Printing Form. This form will be provided by the Customer Service during the application process.

Authorized personnel to approve this form must be at least Kabag Customer Service.

Customer Portfolio Report Content

This report offers a summary of customers portfolio based on product type and detailed information for each account held by the customer, including interest values and associated taxes

Here are some details regarding the content of this report:

  • The report is available on a monthly or annual basis, where:
    • Annual reports provide fund product information for the end of each month over a 1-year period (from January to December of the same year).
    • Monthly reports provide information on all product types for the end of the selected month.
  • The displayed balances in the report reflect end-of-month positions. However, interest and interest tax values are calculated for the entire respective monthly period.
  • For Deposits, the stated interest is calculated based on the applicable interest rate and The interest and interest tax values do not include penalties for premature withdrawal of Deposits before maturity.
  • For Bancassurance, the portfolio position shown in the report reflects data from the previous month.
  • Reports for the end of the previous month are available on the day following the If the 7th falls on a holiday, the report will be available on the second day following the 7th, except on Weekend Banking.
  • Portfolio reports can be accessed (including printing or downloading) through the Application/Channel for reports published starting from December 2016.

Requirements for Printing Customer Portfolio Report at Branch

To request printing of Customer Portfolio Report at a BCA branch, you must present an identification card or PIN/DIN verification.

If the request is made on behalf of the account holder by someone else, it can be facilitated by submitting an authorization letter.

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