BCA mobile

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Why BCA mobile?


Simple banking tasks online using your smartphone via m-BCA menu without changing SIM Card


Convenient banking at your fingertips


Easy transfer and payment facilities

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BCA mobile

BCA mobile

BCA mobile

Banking application service that provides easy banking transactions through KlikBCA or m-BCA.


Mobile Banking
Check your balances, account statements, fund transfers, and pay bills more easily through m-BCA on the BCA mobile.
Lifestyle Feature
All your shopping and entertainment activities can easily be done #DibikinSimpel in just one app. Through Lifestyle feature on BCA mobile.
Launcher KlikBCA
Easy access to mobile KlikBCA with just one click
Easy balance check, top-up, information on the last 10 Flazz transactions on a smartphone with the Near Field Communication (NFC) feature
Forget your card? Don't worry, BCA mobile can cover your transactions

Important Information


  • Having downloaded the BCA mobile application
  • Having registered for m-BCA via BCA ATM/BCA Branch for non-financial transactions
  • Having activated the financial transactions at a BCA Branch Office to be able to conduct financial transactions
  • An Android or iPhone smartphone user
  • A GSM operator's customer

Terms of m-BCA


The customer mobile number must be connected to the ATM BCA card through the m-BCA registration process, in which:

  • One (1) mobile number can only be connected to one (1) ATM BCA card
  • One (1) ATM BCA card can be connected to a maximum of 10 mobile phone numbers

Proof of Transaction

  • From the screen display on completion of the transaction
  • For financial transactions and time deposit account information, the customer will receive the proof of transaction in the form of a message in the Inbox submenu, which can be copied and forwarded via email, SMS or other messenger applications

Security of BCA mobile

  • The customer is required to enter an access code to secure access to the m-BCA menu. The access code takes the form of a 6-character alphanumeric code created by the customer
  • The customer is also required to enter a personal identification number (PIN) to verify and validate a transaction
    The PIN takes the form of a 6-digit numeric code created by the customer


If there is a system breakdown at BCA or any disruption at the GSM Operator, the customer will not be able to access BCA mobile services temporarily

Fees and Limit

Fees for BCA mobile service

  • There is no additional fee when the customer uses an internet access package
  • The customer will be charged for the internet access service (GPRS/EDGE/3G/4G/WIFI) at the applicable price (for m-BCA, around 15 KB per transaction or equal to around Rp150/transaction) if the customer uses a regular (non-package) internet service
  • For the initial use of the application and registration of the recipient’s account number (iOS only), the customer will be charged an SMS fee for each SMS sent and received by the customer, as described below:
    • For Telkomsel, between Rp 300 and Rp 1,320 per SMS*
    • For Indosat, between Rp 400 and Rp 600 per SMS*


Effective from July 2021, any SMS sent and received by the customer will be charged as follows: 

  • For Smartfren, between Rp 150 and Rp 600 per SMS*
  • For XL, between Rp 400 and Rp 600 per SMS*
  • For 3 (Tri) Hutchison, between Rp 250 and Rp 500 per SMS*

*The prices above exclude 10% VAT

Fees and Limits m-BCA

FEATURES Xpresi Paspor Blue (IDR) Paspor Gold / Tapres (IDR) Paspor Platinum (IDR) BCA Dollar (IDR)
1. Inhouse Transfer (between BCA accounts) 25 Million 50 Million 75 Million 100 Million ~ 25 Million
2. Interbank  Transfer (to another bank's account)   10 Million 15 Million 20 Million 25 Million


- Transfer Transaction Limit is a combined limit with transfer limit at m-BCA, except transfers to Sakuku and Virtual Account BCA
- Update: 8 October 2021
- The transfer limit from an IDR amount to a foreign currency amount is separate from the transfer limit between IDR amounts

Maximum Limit for Purchase of Mobile Credit Recharge via m-BCA

Rp 2,500,000 per day. This limit is a combined limit with other e-channels, such as BCA ATM, KlikBCA, SMS BCA, Mobile Credit Recharge via SMS and BCA By Phone*.
*Eff. Date 11 Dec 2017

Maximum Payment Limit

Based on the total amount due

No. Transaction Type XL Indosat Ooredoo Telkomsel
Prepaid Postpaid Kartu Halo simPATI As
1. Non Financial Transaction 650 600 500 850 1010 960
2. Financial Transaction 1300 1200 1000 1450 1670 1620

Note: The transaction fee for Interbank Transfer (via Prima network): Rp 6,500 

(Effective from 01 November 2014)

Payment and Purchase Transactions 

Payment Transaction Fee
Telephone/Telkom Rp2,500
Electricity/PLN Rp3,000
Tax/Land and Building Tax (PBB) Rp2,500
National Gas Company (PGN) Rp2,500
XL Postpaid* Rp1,500

*) The same fee amount of Rp1,500 for XL Prepaid also applies for payments made via m-BCA and KlikBCA Bisnis

Purchase Transaction Fee
Electricity/PLN Prepaid Rp2,500
Telkomsel Mobile Credit Rechcarge Rp1,500
Indosat Ooredo Mobile Credit Recharge Rp1,500
XL/AXIS Mobile Credit Recharge Rp1,500

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