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Sakuku is electronic money that can be used to support your lifestyle, from shopping payment, topping up phone credit to paying various bill.



You just need to download the app to start using Sakuku
Mobile phone number as Sakuku account number

Important Information

  • Transaction Screen Display
    For financial transaction, proof of transaction will be sent in the Inbox menu

  • Sakuku security
    - Mobile phone number
    - Sakuku PIN (6 digits numeric)

Sakuku Transaction Tips

  • Keep Sakuku PIN confidential to ensure secure transactions
  • Always check the confirmation screen before authorizing/approving transactions
  • If problems occurs when using Sakuku, please note the following points:
  • 1. Make sure you have sufficient mobile credit when registering for Sakuku
    2. Make sure you smartphone has Internet connection to conduct transactions
    3. Make sure you have sufficient balance in your Sakuku account, and your account is active (not blocked)
    4. Check your proof of transaction to make sure your most recent transaction was successful
    5. Contact Halo BCA at 1500888 if you need further assistance
  • If you change your SIM Card or mobile number you used to register for Sakuku, you will need to delete and re-download your Sakuku app, and then re-register for Sakuku service. Your balance will be the same as long as your mobile number remain the same

Sakuku Account Block

  • Block your Sakuku account by contacting Halo BCA if you lose your phone, or for other reasons
  • Halo BCA will follow procedure and verify your data
  • If data verification is successful, Halo BCA will block your Sakuku

Sakuku Account Closure

  • Contact Halo BCA to close your Sakuku account
  • Halo BCA will follow procedure and verify your data, and then ask to which BCA account you wish to issue the refund (Sakuku remaining balance)
  • If data verification is successful, Halo BCA will close your Sakuku account
  • For Sakuku Plus only: Sakuku refund can only be issued to BCA account with the same name as the Sakuku account. Alternatively, you can withdraw all remaining balance before closing your Sakuku account

    Sakuku will be temporarily unavailable if BCA system or cellular operator network encounters connectivity problems
    Sakuku products and service are registered to and monitored by Otoritas Jasa Keuangan

Issues Handling

  • Complaints/complaints to BCA regarding Sakuku can be submitted by the customer to Halo BCA. For the purposes of handling these complaints/complaints, BCA has the right to ask the customer to submit a photocopy of the customer's identity and other supporting documents
  • BCA will respond to the complaint in accordance with applicable legal provisions
  • Any complaint regarding the use of Sakuku must be submitted by the Customer to BCA no later than 3 (three) months from the date of the Transaction

Fees & Limits




Minimum Top Up


Maximum Top Up

IDR20,000,000 per month

Maximum Balance

Sakuku IDR2,000,000

Sakuku Plus IDR10,000,000

Merchant/e-Commerce Payment

According to balance

QRIS Payment Limit

Minimum IDR1/transaction

Maximum IDR 2,000,000/transaction



Data and Mobile Credit Top Up Limit

IDR2,500,000/day (join limit)

Game Voucher Purchase Limit


Cash Withdrawal at BCA ATM

MinimumIDR 50,000/transaction

Maximum IDR 1,250,000/transaction

Top Up/Deposit to Sakuku


Split Bill

Minimum IDR5,000/transaction

Maximum according to balance

Transfer to Sakuku or BCA Account

Minimum IDR5,000

Maximum according to balance

Sakuku Registration Fee

IDR 250 - IDR 350 depending on the type of operator

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