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Mutual Funds

"Mutual fund is an investment vehicle made up of pool money collected from investors and henceforth invested in Portfolios of Securities operated by an Investment Manager. A mutual fund is established based on a Collective Investment Contract between:

  • Investment Manager who acts as the party that manages and monitors the portfolios of securities invested in the Mutual Fund
  • Custodian Bank who acts as the party responsible for administration, safekeeping, issues and sends transaction confirmation letter & monthly report to Mutual Fund investors"


With pooled investment funds from multiple investors, Investment Managers can diversify the portfolio to reduce the risks that may arise from the pooled funds.
Investment Value Growth Potential
Mutual Funds have the power to obtain a relatively low investment cost due to the size of fund managed
Not Subject to Tax
Any amount of the proceeds and profits is not taxable

Types of Mutual Funds

Money Market Fund
These funds invest in domestic money market instrument sand/or debt securities with a maturity date more than a year and/or remaining maturity date of less than one year. This type is suitable for investors with a very conservative risk profile, with a relatively low volatility for the 100% money market fund portfolio.
Protected Fund
These funds feature a protection mechanism of 100% of the initial fund value until the maturity date is over and is not valid if the fund is sold prior to its maturity date. However, this type does not have a special protection mechanism if the issuer defaults, investors could be exposed to the risk of losing its principal and interest.
Fixed-Income Fund
These funds invest in debt securities at least 80% of its net asset value. This type of investment is suitable for investors with a conservative risk profile.
Portfolio: 80% Bonds, volatility low-moderate.
Balanced Fund
These funds invest in equity securities, debt securities, and/or domestic money market instruments, each of which is no more than 79% of its net asset value, and the investment fund portfolio must include equity securities and debt securities. This type is suitable for investors with a moderate risk profile.
Stock Fund
These funds invest in at least 80% of NAV in equity securities. Suitable for investors with an aggressive risk profile. Portfolio: Max. 79% of each security (Stocks, Bonds, and/or money market), Volatility moderate to high

Risks of Mutual Funds

Risk of Reduced Value of Participation Units
Reduced Participating Unit value can be brought by: - Changes in market conditions (eg. Interest rate, inflation, etc.) resulting in fluctuating prices/return rates of Securities - Default from the Securities Issuing company or the associated party of the Funds - Force Majeure experienced by Issuer.
Risk of Changing Political and Economic Conditions
The business performance of the industry is influenced by economic conditions, regulatory environment, and business climate for such business sector. Changes in government regulations related to macroeconomics, business, and taxation can affect the economic conditions and industry performance, which subsequently affect the rate of return and from the Funds.
Liquidity Risk
In the event all or the majority of Participation Unit holders simultaneously redeem their Fund Units to IM, the manager may be unable to meet their redemption obligations to pay out such redemption proceeds immediately. In the event of force majeure, the Investment Manager may refuse the Participation Unit redemption in accordance with the provisions of the Collective Investment Contract and OJK Regulations.
Exchange Rate Risk
The risk may arise from foreign currency exchange rate fluctuations against Rupiah.
Risk of Changes in Tax Regulations and Provisions
Any changes to the applicable legal provisions or government policies, especially in the macroeconomic sector related to Securities (money market instruments, debt securities and/or stocks) can affect the rate of return and investment returns from the Funds.

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