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16 Feb 2021

DKI Jakarta Teacher Working Group (MGMP) Collaborates with PesonaEdu & BCA to Hold Biggest Online Competition in Early 2021

Jakarta, 16 February 2021 - The "Learning from Home" policy as introduced by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemendikbud) is one form of effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and prioritize the safety of students, so it must be implemented as well as possible. In an effort to support the program and encourage students' interest in learning, BCA supports an online competition organized by MGMP together with PesonaEdu.

Although in the practice of online learning systems there are still a number of limitations, educators as well as students and parents are expected to work well together to produce effective learning. The online learning system requires high creativity and innovation in presenting learning that is fun, easy to understand so that students do not feel bored, and motivates students to continue to excel even though they are studying from home.

Inge Setiawati as EVP CSR of BCA said "In the midst of a pandemic that has almost lasted for the past year, there needs to be encouragement and innovations for students in Indonesia to improve the quality of education. One thing that can be done is through competitions that can stimulate students' enthusiasm for learning. BCA through Bakti BCA has never stopped supporting the education system in Indonesia, this time the support was given through a competition held by the DKI Jakarta MGMP with PesonaEdu,"

With more than 25 years of experience in organizing various competitions with the number of participants annually exceeding 10,000 participants and even reaching more than 20,000 participants, this time the DKI Jakarta MGMP is again holding a competition activity, but different from the previous era, the competition is now implemented entirely online based on Computer Based Tests (CBT). In terms of technology, DKI Jakarta MGMP collaborates with PesonaEdu, an educational technology company that has more than 30 years of experience developing educational applications and content in Indonesia.

Through the Learning Content Management System platform called PesonaEdu A-Class, this competition can present a variety of interesting questions, not just the usual multiple choice. Various types of questions such as complex multiple choice, matching answers, drag & drop text or images, audio and video responses, to virtual practicums, can be presented on this platform, so that the questions given are very diverse, and reflect the character of the high order thinking skill (HOTS) questions which are one of the standards in the minimum competency assessment (AKM) and the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA).

Ira Anindita, CEO of PesonaEdu said "PesonaEdu A-Class is able to present various types of questions such as complex multiple choice, match answers, drag & drop text or images, audio and video responses, to virtual practicums, so that the questions given are very diverse, and reflect the character of the high order thinking skill (HOTS) questions which are one of the standards in the minimum competency assessment (AKM) and the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA)."

This time, the competition will be held for junior high school and equivalent 7th, 8th, and 9th grades, each covering science, mathematics, and Indonesian, 3 subjects which are basic science and also become the standard for the PISA test, which are literacy, numeracy and science mastery.

"This experience will also be useful for schools in training students to prepare for the implementation of the AKM or answer questions equivalent to the PISA test, so that they can then improve Indonesia's achievements and rankings, especially DKI Jakarta when participating in the PISA test activities." said Raden Sapta Nurrochman, Chairman of the Committee for this competition.

"We believe this competition can be a place for students to develop their abilities. In addition, we are proud to see the enthusiasm of the participants who have exceeded the initial target of 20,000 participants. For the information, registration has reached 26.400 participants for now. On this basis, BCA provides support in the form of prizes in the form of savings with a total of 108 million to support education for the winners," added Inge.

Through this activity, students will gain valuable new experiences, to explore their potential and appear to show achievements even though they are facing difficulties during the pandemic.

"The hope is that through holding this competition, students will remain enthusiastic in pursuing education even though it is still in the pandemic situation. We believe that Indonesian students have great potential as the nation's next generation," concluded Inge.

Collaboration Between BCA , DKI Jakarta MGMP, and PesonaEdu in Holding the Biggest Online Competition in Early 2021  - EVP CSR BCA Inge Setiawati (bottom left) with Pesona President Director Edu Ira Anindita (top left), Chair of the DKI Jakarta IPA MGMP Drs. Raden Sapta Nurrochman, M.Pd (bottom right), Deputy Chair of the IPA MGMP Drs Endin Haerudin, M.Pd (top center), Deputy chairman of the Mathematics MGMP Sriyadi, S.Pd (bottom center), and the chairman of the Indonesian Language MGMP Hj. Sri Masrifah, M.Pd (top right), during the virtual press conference of the Online Competition Collaboration in Jakarta, Tuesday (16/02). As a form of support for the 'Learning from Home' program, BCA through Bakti BCA collaborated with MGMP and PesonaEdu in holding the largest online competition in early 2021. BCA fully supports this activity, one of which is by providing cash prizes with a total of 108 million which will be immediately transferred to the winner's account.


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