Subur Tan


Indonesian citizen, 62 years old. Domiciled in Indonesia. Appointed as Director at the 2002 Annual GMS and approved by Bank Indonesia on August 13, 2002. The latest appointment was effective since the 2021 Annual GMS for a five- year term.

Duties and Responsibilities

Director of BCA, responsible for Credit Risk Analysis, Credit Recovery, and Legal.


Currently served as a member of BCA Board of Directors, following a career as Head of Legal Work Unit, Deputy Head of Legal Division (1999-2000), Head of Legal Bureau (1995-1999), and has held several managerial positions, including Head of Credit in Operational Headquarters (1991-1995). He joined BCA in 1986.


Obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Law from Universitas Jenderal Soedirman (1986) and obtained a Notary qualification from the Faculty of Law at Universitas Indonesia (2002).


No financial relationship, stock ownership relationship, and/or family relationship with members of the Board of Commissioners, fellow members of the Board of Directors, and/or the controlling shareholders of BCA.

Concurrent Position

No concurrent position as a member of a Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors, or Executive Officer at other banks, companies, and/or institutions.


During his career, he accumulated extensive experience in various areas and assignments, including in legal & litigation, enterprise & credit risk management, human capital management, and credit restructuring.